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Country: United States
Main activity: Cosmetics
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CHANTECAILLE is a luxury house focused on skincare and beautifying cosmetics known for its uniquely high concentration of natural botanicals. Motto of the house is ‘The Extraordinary Alliance of Nature and Science’. Their products are supported by extensive research and technological innovation invested in the formula. The ingredients are highly pure and capable of nourishing and revitalizing the skin, the body and the spirit.

The house of CHANTECAILLE was founded by Sylvie Chantecaille, who spent two decades as a senior-level executive in the beauty industry. Headquarters of the company are in New York, which is also base of the family behind this brand. That this is a family company is confirmed that Sylvie, daughters Olivia (the brand's creative director) and Alex, as well as her husband Olivier participate in organizing the company.

The company combines advanced technologies with centuries-old traditions in skincare. Biotechnology, Chinese medicine, aromatherapy and European flower pharmacology are what participate in construction of their product lines of both efficient and effective products.

CHANTECAILLE excels also in makeup creations with natural look and translucent foundations. Season's important hues, textures and finishes reflect in the products rich in skin-friendly natural ingredients and botanical antioxidants.

CHANTECAILLE is also an environment-friendly and socially aware brand, contributing to important environmental concerns and involvement in global issues. In 2005, special Butterfly eye shadows - the colorful Les Papillons collection - were launched to help fund the protection of the Monarch butterfly's winter habitats. For 2007, a campaign was launched to help protect coral reefs worldwide with the creation of a luxury coral compact. Subsequent "Cause-metics" Collections have been launched as Chantecaille's continued passion and commitment to the oceans and to endangered species grows stronger and stronger. Underneath it all lies the sense of balance and reciprocity between cosmetics and nature.

The company also does not test their products on animals. The products do not include animal derivatives, sulfate detergents, phthalates, nor petrochemicals. The company started adding fragrances to their offer in 2004 and has launched several beautiful perfumes for women so far.

Designer Chantecaille has 8 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 2004 and the newest is from 2016. The nose who worked on the fragrances is Pierre Negrin.

perfume Frangipane Frangipane
2004 for women

perfume Kalimantan Kalimantan
2010 for women

perfume Le Jasmin Le Jasmin
2004 for women

perfume Le Wild Le Wild
2016 for women

perfume Petales Petales
2010 for women

perfume Tiare Tiare
2004 for women

perfume Vetyver Vetyver
2010 for women

perfume Wisteria Wisteria
2004 for women



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