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To Beth Terry, perfume is magical energy, a conversation piece and an intimate three-dimensional experience.

Beth Terry is an inspiration in the independent perfume universe. Fifteen years ago, she determined to bring her sensibility for fashion and style, which had been refined while working for Chrome Hearts and Commes Des Garçons, to the world of perfume.

It started with a childhood memory of sitting on the porch with her grandfather, dropping a tea bag into a glass and watching the clear water change colors as the tea seeped. Beth envisioned a crisp, clean scent to capture that effervescent moment, but without any formal training in fragrances nobody thought it was possible.

Beth used her innate aesthetic sense to create Te, the first green tea-based perfume. Te was an instant success when it was introduced in 1995, selling out at Barneys New York, Maxfield and Colette Paris. It is now part of the world’s leading niche fragrance collection, Beth Terry for Creative Universe. This luxurious line includes Te, bestselling Mare, sensual Vita, Element-of-Surprise and Element–of-Desire.

Beth Terry for Creative Universe fragrances are made with the finest all-natural ingredients. Beth Terry’s perfumes are sold in exclusive shops around the world, where the customer can enjoy the experience of falling in love with her scents. They have been featured in Vogue, W, Allure, InStyle and Oprah magazine.

Beth believes that we each have a complex, personal experience with fragrance as it touches our skin and becomes entwined in our memories. Each perfume she creates is an expression of her tastes and desires, and is designed so that once you try it, you can’t imagine living without it.

Beth lives in New York City where she enjoys art, design, fashion, flowers, and of course—fragrance.

Designer Creative Universe Beth Terry has 6 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 1997 and the newest is from 2006. The nose who worked on the fragrances is Beth Terry.

perfume Element of Attraction Element of Attraction
for women and men

perfume Element of Desire Element of Desire
2006 for women and men

perfume Element of Surprise Element of Surprise
2004 for women and men

perfume Mare Mare
1997 for women and men

perfume Te Te
1997 for women and men

perfume Vita Vita
2002 for women and men



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