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Country: United States
Main activity: Fragrances
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Erox is a fragrance company based in California, which came out with a line of fragrances especially designed to attract the opposite sex. The fragrances are infused with pheromones for seduction and attraction of the chosen partners.

The house launched their first fragrance pair in 1993, named Realm Cologne for Men and Realm Eau de Toilette for Women. In 1997, another female fragrance is introduced under the name of Inner Realm.

In December 2011, the brand reemerges with a new and improved creation Erox Eau de Geek. Erox Eau de Geek is an unisex fragrance that combines pheromones and ER303, a molecule proven to increase sexual arousal, attraction and sensuality for both men and women.

Designer Erox has 4 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 1993 and the newest is from 2011.

perfume Erox Eau de Geek Erox Eau de Geek
2011 for women and men

perfume Inner Realm Inner Realm
1997 for women

perfume Realm Men Realm Men
1993 for men

perfume Realm Women Realm Women
1993 for women



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