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Country: United States
Main activity: Fragrances
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Fine Fragrances & Cosmetics Ltd. Company is the owner of several cosmetic and perfumery brands, including the old famous fragrances such as : Tweed (originally by Lentheric), White Lace and Satin (originally by Yardley). Fine Fragrances & Cosmetics Ltd. is an English company, established in 1982.It is one of the leading cosmetics and perfumes exporting companies here in the United Kingdom.

Today, the brand is owned by Vivalis, a private UK based owner of various health and beauty brands operating within the color cosmetics, hair care and skincare product categories. It is based in North West of England. Its UK customers include Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's, Morrisons and Waitrose, and internationally the company trades with retail partners such as Carrefour and Rossmann.

Designer Fine Fragrances & Cosmetics has 3 perfumes in our fragrance base. Fine Fragrances & Cosmetics is an old perfume house. The earliest edition was created in 1936 and the newest is from 1984. The nose who worked on the fragrances is Dominique Ropion.

perfume Lace Lace
1982 for women

perfume Tweed Tweed
1936 for women

perfume White Satin White Satin
1984 for women



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