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Fragrances of Ireland are an independent perfume house, which is rare these days. Their products are inspired by the magic, beauty and nature of Ireland and they aim at offering the wonders of nature and uplifting spiritually. The products that represent Ireland include fine fragrances and premium soaps and toiletries, all packaged with bright colours and wonderful photography and messages.

In 1983 Brian Cox and Donald Pratt, founder of Avoca Handweavers, formed the idea to start an Irish perfume company. The first perfume they launched was "Innisfree" named after Yeats’ poem "The Lake Isle of Innisfree" .

Since Innisfree brought a great success to the new company across Ireland and the USA, the first line for men was introduced shortly after - Patrick Cologne for Men A, along with a range of Irish soaps and toiletries.

In 1987 David Cox, Brian’s son, joined the company and helped with presentations and supply of perfumes. The perfume offer was growing constantly, the business was expending, so the company moved to new premises - converted an old dairy barn that was part of the Jameson Whiskey family estate in Kilmacanogue. Their address is still "Jameson’s Corner".

Master perfumer Arthur Burnham joined the team after david hired him to create the company’s perfume Inis. He had trained in Grasse for ten years alongside other perfumers such as Jacques Polge.

International success in an international market was brought primarily by the perfume Inis. In about 10 years’ time over 1 million bottles of this exciting cologne for men and women have been sold.

The company is environment-aware so the line of Inis has been a core sponsor of the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group, dedicated to the conservation and protection of Whales and Dolphins. Even the message on each carton of Inis says that no-one is an island, we are all connected. This is a way for the company to express their commitment to the environment and these wonderful creatures. The company further develops research of beneficial effects of seaweed extracts on the skin, which will help improve their skin creams and lotions.

Designer Fragrances of Ireland has 9 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 1998 and the newest is from 2011. The nose who worked on the fragrances is Arthur Burnham.

perfume Caru Caru
2011 for women

perfume Connemara Connemara
for women

perfume Inis Arose Inis Arose
2002 for women

perfume Inis Moonlight Inis Moonlight
for women

perfume Inis Or Inis Or
for women and men

perfume Inis the Energy of the Sea Inis the Energy of the Sea
1998 for women and men

perfume Inisfree Inisfree
for women

perfume Patrick Patrick
1999 for men

perfume Sonas Sonas
2011 for women and men



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