Fred Hayman perfumes and colognes

Country: United States
Main activity: Fashion
Parent company: Victory International

Fred Hayman Logo

Fred Hayman is known as "Mr. Beverly Hills" and played an important role in creating the luxury shopping destination now present on Rodeo Drive.

Fred Hayman was raised in New York City, Zurich and Paris. Originally a hotelier by trade, Hayman relocated to California and opened a ritzy and eclectic boutique. His goal was to put Beverly Hills and specifically Rodeo Drive on the map as a world-class luxury shopping and lifestyle destination. Located at the corner of Rodeo Drive and Dayton way, the Giorgio Beverly Hills boutique offered a large selection of designer clothes, many of which were exclusive to the boutique. The shop was known for its club-like atmosphere and unusual decor, and it also featured a reading room, a billiards room and a full oak bar. Celebrities and wealthy Californians both shopped and hung out at the trendy location whose entrance was capped by a distinctive yellow and white striped awning.

The Giorgio Beverly Hills fragrance was launched in 1981 by Fred Hayman and then-wife Gale Hayman with a fanfare normally reserved for a major perfume house launch, and never before seen for an independent boutique brand. Love it or hate it, the fragrance captured the public's imagination in the 1980s, and was perfectly suited to the era's glamorous and over-the-top fashions. In 1987, the Giorgio Beverly Hills fragrance was sold to Avon for an astounding $165 million, and the boutique subsequently changed its name to Fred Hayman Beverly Hills.

Mr. Hayman was awarded a Rodeo Drive Walk of Style Award in 2011 and was the subject of a biography, Fred Hayman: The Extraordinary Difference by Rose Apodaca.

Fred Hayman fragrances are offered in conjunction with Victory International. The first fragrances in the line, the 273 editions for men and women, were introduced in 1989.

Designer Fred Hayman has 14 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 1988 and the newest is from 2004.

perfume 273 Indigo 273 Indigo
2003 for women

perfume 273 Indigo for Men 273 Indigo for Men
2003 for men

perfume 273 Red 273 Red
2004 for women

perfume 273 Red 273 Red
2004 for men

perfume 273 Rodeo Drive 273 Rodeo Drive
1989 for women

perfume Hollywood Hollywood
1988 for women

perfume Hollywood for Men Hollywood for Men
1998 for men

perfume Hollywood Star Hollywood Star
2003 for women

perfume Touch Touch
1993 for women

perfume Touch for Men Touch for Men
1995 for men

perfume Touch Sport Touch Sport
for men

perfume Touch With Love Touch With Love
2003 for women



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