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Country: Italy
Main activity: Fashion
Brand website: link
Parent company: ITF Cosmetics

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Gai Mattiolo is an Italian fashion designer who got his start at age 19, when his father provided him with the financial backing to open a boutique in Rome. Gai Mattiolo had no formal training as a fashion designer, but his pieces distinguished themselves with their attention to fine detail. In particular, the buttons of his garments, which are crafted of fine materials and often take the form of small sculptures, are a signature element of Mattiolo's style. He carefully researches button design for each new collection.

Mattiolo's success with his first collection led him to the catwalks of Paris and Milan, where top models of the 1980s and 1990s demonstrated his unique fashions. His designs are colorful, carefully tailored and feature unusual luxury materials such as platinum threads, precious stone adornments and thousands of tiny gold balls.

Mattiolo has dressed celebrities from Cher to Diana Ross to Pink. Mattiolo had the high honor of creating four copes (ecclesiastical robes) for Pope John Paul II in 1996. In 2000, Mattiolo coined a neologism to describe his new designs: prêt-à-couture, which is the synthesis between the luxury of high fashion and the handicraft industry.

Fragrances have been part of the Gai Mattiolo offering since 1997, when his signature scent for women was launched. Gai Mattiolo fragrances are currently produced in conjunction with ITF Cosmetics.

Designer Gai Mattiolo has 15 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 1997 and the newest is from 2009. Gai Mattiolo fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Jean-Claude Delville, Maurice Roucel, Alberto Morillas, IFF, Mark Buxton, Bernard Ellena, Alain Astori and Beatrice Piquet.

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perfume Be Sparkling Be Sparkling
2006 for women

perfume Gai Mattiolo Gai Mattiolo
1997 for women

perfume Gai Mattiolo Man`s Gai Mattiolo Man`s
2003 for men

perfume Gai Mattiolo Uomo Gai Mattiolo Uomo
1998 for men

perfume That's Amore Kisses XXX That's Amore Kisses XXX
2002 for women

perfume That's Amore! Lei That's Amore! Lei
2000 for women

perfume That's Amore! Lui That's Amore! Lui
2000 for men

perfume That`s Amore! Dance Lei That`s Amore! Dance Lei
2007 for women



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