Gin Tonic perfumes and colognes

Country: Germany
Main activity: Fashion
Brand website: link
Parent company: Maurer & Wirtz

Gin Tonic Logo

Gin Tonic is a German casual fashion brand founded in 1978.

The name of the fashion label is derived from the gin and tonic alcohol cocktail, invented in the English country clubs in India. The primary focus of the brand was casual men’s clothing such as polo shirts, shirts and jeans. In the mid 80s the production of female clothing line also started. Since 2006, they included clothing for women of XXL size. Later on came accessories, perfumes, sunglasses and shoes.

Gin Tonic Fragrances brand belongs to the Maurer & Wirtz company. The brand was introduced in 2008, aiming at younger audience who prefer fresh and zesty perfumes. The brand promotes youth, freshness, and joy of living advertizes with slogans "Refreshingly Different" and "It’s Sparkling Life”. The modern bottle design is inspired by a long drink glass, with straw and swing top.

Designer Gin Tonic has 4 perfumes in our fragrance base. Gin Tonic is a new fragrance brand. The earliest edition was created in 2008 and the newest is from 2009.

perfume Gin Tonic Man Gin Tonic Man
2008 for men

perfume Gin Tonic Woman Gin Tonic Woman
2008 for women

perfume Happy Hour Men Happy Hour Men
2009 for men

perfume Happy Hour Women Happy Hour Women
2009 for women



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