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Country: Germany
Main activity: Fashion
Brand website: link
Parent company: Coty

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Hugo Boss AG is a German fashion and lifestyle house, founded in 1924 by Hugo Boss.

Originating in Metzingen and still based there today, the company offers multiple lines of fashions and accessories under the core brands Hugo and Boss. The Boss brand offers the following lines: Boss Black, modern classic clothing and the broadest range of products; Boss Orange, more unique and Bohemian in style; Boss Selection, high-end menswear; Boss Green, focusing on sports and active wear. The Hugo brand is known for its fashion-forward, European-influenced styles.

The company produces fragrances in conjunction with Proctor & Gamble Prestige. Fragrances for men and women are offered under both the Boss and Hugo brands. The first fragrance was Boss Number One for men, launched in 1985.

Designer Hugo Boss has 80 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 1985 and the newest is from 2017. Hugo Boss fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Jean-Marc Chaillan, Pierre Wargnye, Ursula Wandel, Will Andrews, Sophie Labbe, Alain Astori, Beatrice Piquet, Annick Menardo, Calice Becker, Domitille Michalon, Ilias Ermenidis, Gerard Anthony, Bob Aliano and Claude Dir.

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perfume Baldessarini Baldessarini
2002 for men

perfume Boss Intense Boss Intense
2003 for women

perfume Boss Number One Boss Number One
1985 for men

perfume Boss Pure Boss Pure
2008 for men

perfume Boss Selection Boss Selection
2006 for men

perfume Boss Soul Boss Soul
2005 for men

perfume Boss Spirit Boss Spirit
1989 for men

perfume Boss Sport Boss Sport
1987 for men

perfume Boss Woman Boss Woman
2000 for women

perfume Deep Red Deep Red
2001 for women

perfume Hugo Dark Blue Hugo Dark Blue
1999 for men

perfume Pure Purple Pure Purple
2006 for women

Boss Bottled

perfume Boss Bottled Boss Bottled
1998 for men

perfume Boss Bottled Night Boss Bottled Night
2010 for men

perfume Boss Bottled Oud Boss Bottled Oud
2015 for men

perfume Boss Bottled Sport Boss Bottled Sport
2012 for men

perfume Boss Bottled Tonic Boss Bottled Tonic
2017 for men

Boss Elements

perfume Boss Elements Boss Elements
1994 for men

perfume Boss Elements Aqua Boss Elements Aqua
1997 for men

Boss Femme

perfume Essence de Femme Essence de Femme
2007 for women

perfume Femme Femme
2006 for women

perfume Femme L`Eau Fraiche Femme L`Eau Fraiche
2009 for women

Boss in Motion

perfume Boss in Motion Boss in Motion
2002 for men

perfume Boss In Motion Black Boss In Motion Black
2006 for men

perfume Boss In Motion Blue Boss In Motion Blue
2004 for men

perfume Boss In Motion Green Boss In Motion Green
2005 for men

perfume Boss In Motion White Boss In Motion White
2009 for men

Boss Jour

perfume Boss Jour Pour Femme Boss Jour Pour Femme
2013 for women

Boss Ma Vie

perfume Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme
2014 for women

Boss Nuit

perfume Boss Nuit Pour Femme Boss Nuit Pour Femme
2012 for women

Boss Orange

perfume Boss Orange Boss Orange
2009 for women

perfume Boss Orange for Men Boss Orange for Men
2011 for men

perfume Boss Orange Sunset Boss Orange Sunset
2010 for women

BOSS The Collection

Boss The Scent

perfume Boss The Scent Boss The Scent
2015 for men

perfume Boss The Scent For Her Boss The Scent For Her
2016 for women


perfume Boss Element Boss Element
2009 for men

perfume Hugo Hugo
1995 for men

perfume Hugo by Karim Rashid Hugo by Karim Rashid
2009 for men

perfume Hugo Extreme Hugo Extreme
2016 for men

perfume Hugo Iced Hugo Iced
2017 for men

perfume Hugo Just Different Hugo Just Different
2011 for men

perfume Hugo Red Hugo Red
2013 for men

perfume Hugo Spray Hugo Spray
2008 for men

Hugo Energise

perfume Hugo Energize Spray Hugo Energize Spray
2008 for men

Hugo Woman

perfume Hugo Woman Hugo Woman
1997 for women

perfume Hugo Woman Extreme Hugo Woman Extreme
2016 for women

Hugo XX XY

perfume Hugo XX Hugo XX
2007 for women

perfume Hugo XX Summer Edition Hugo XX Summer Edition
2009 for women

perfume Hugo XY Hugo XY
2007 for men

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