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Country: Italy
Main activity: Fashion
Brand website: link
Parent company: Morris Profumi

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Krizia is a Bergamo-based Italian fashion and lifestyle brand that has been around since 1950. The company was founded by designer Mariuccia Mandelli and her husband Aldo Pinto who is heading the Operations department and manages the commercial structure of the company. The brand specializes in ladieswear and menswear, knitwear, handbags, accessories, glasses, ties and, since the 1980s, perfumes! Mandelli was a young woman who wanted to make her dreams come true by founding her own fashion brand. The company's name, Krizia, was inspired by Plato's Crizia who spent all his money on clothes and jewels for the pretty and obedient ladies.

According to Mandelli, every woman is free to wear what she likes as long as the clothes become part of her. While Mandelli was always searching for new materials she has created stunning collections in the 1950s and the 1960s which made Krizia a reputable brand name. Mandelli still creates everything from clothes for women, men and children to silverware and kitchen furniture.

The company entered the world of perfumes with their first fragrant offering in 1980. The debut scent was K de Krizia, a composition based on aldehydes and strong floral notes of hyacinth, orange blossom, narcissus and oak moss. Krizia Uomo, the brand's first fragrance for men, was presented in 1983. The fragrance was created by Firmenich perfumers and centres around notes of aldehydes, musk and leather. Teatro alla Scala, the second fragrance for women, was launched in 1986 as a strong and intense floral perfume with prominent animalistic notes.

1989 was the year of the introduction of Moods by Krizia Uomo, a men's fragrance with a core of patchouli and Moods by Krizia Donna, a lush and intense floral composition. Only two years later Krazy Krizia was presented. The oriental scent with dominant notes of flowers and vanilla is often described as smoky, dense and spicy. The classic, sweet and powdery fragrance Spazio for men is built around prominent accords of violet and musk and was launched in 1993.

The last perfume launch before the millennium was the woody, warm and spicy Easy Krizia which was designed by Jacques Cavallier. In 2001 the self-titled Krizia, composed of sweet, hot and spicy notes, i.e. star anise, heliotrop and iris, hit the shelves. Krizia Donna Istinto and Krizia Uomo Istinto were launched as a fragrant pair in 2006.

Designer Krizia has 19 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 1982 and the newest is from 2014. Krizia fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Jacques Cavallier, Maurice Roucel, Dominique Ropion, Firmenich, Christine Nagel and Karine Dubreuil.

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perfume Easy Krizia Easy Krizia
1999 for women

perfume Eau de Krizia Eau de Krizia
2002 for women

perfume Fiori di Krizia Fiori di Krizia
1996 for women

perfume K de Krizia K de Krizia
1982 for women

perfume Krazy Krizia Krazy Krizia
1991 for women

perfume Krizia Krizia
2001 for women

perfume Krizia Donna Istinto Krizia Donna Istinto
2006 for women

perfume Krizia Pour Femme Krizia Pour Femme
2014 for women

perfume Krizia Pour Homme Krizia Pour Homme
2014 for men

perfume Krizia Uomo Krizia Uomo
1984 for men

perfume Krizia Uomo Istinto Krizia Uomo Istinto
2006 for men

perfume Moods by Krizia Donna Moods by Krizia Donna
1989 for women

perfume Moods by Krizia Uomo Moods by Krizia Uomo
1989 for men

perfume My Africa My Africa
2006 for women

perfume Spazio Krizia Donna Spazio Krizia Donna
1997 for women

perfume Spazio Krizia Uomo Spazio Krizia Uomo
1993 for men

perfume Teatro Alla Scala Teatro Alla Scala
1985 for women

perfume Time Uomo Time Uomo
2003 for men

perfume Time Woman Time Woman
2004 for women



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