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Country: Italy
Main activity: Fashion
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Parent company: Weruska & Joel

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Pino Lancetti is an Italian fashion designer from the Perugian town of Gualdo Tadino. From the 1950es till 2001, when he retired from fashion, he was one of the main haute couture designers in Italy.

He was studying at the art institute in the city of Perugia and planned to make ceramics his business. During his studies, he became interested in clothes. He opened a small atelier in Rome, sold freelance sketches to fashion salons and designed for the house of Carosa.

Since Italian fashion houses producing high fashion – alta mode, started opening salons in Rome, Lancetti did the same in 1961. One of his first collections was displayed in the Pitti palace in Florence. In the years to come the designer joined Fabiani, Capucci, Mila Schon and Valentino in the Rome shows. Since alta moda disintegrated in the 1970s, he discontinued his regular fashion shows.

Lancetti drew inspiration for his fabrics and designs from paintings of major artists such as Kandinsky, Picasso, Modigliani, Matisse. He visited galleries continuously, which influenced his cut and construction. His other sources of inspiration were oriental and folk decoration, and the movies.

Lancetti became head of a handicraft company and was very popular among wealthy ladies who appreciated the luxury and fine quality of his clothes. Some of his clients were Princess Soraya, Queen Paola of Belgium, Salima Aga Khan, actresses Silvana Mangano and Monica Vitti, who highly appreciated his unique beaded dresses.

In 1963 the designer turned to production of clothes appropriate for daily occasions. He had a successful collection based on military details and leather, but never produced ordinary clothes such as jeans, because he strongly believed that women are to be elegant. One of his best collections were the clothing items dedicated to Picasso presented at the French Academy at Villa Medici in 1986.

Lancetti restructured his company in the 1990s, since it was very difficult to find experienced and skillful craftwork for his meticulous designs. He made licensing deals and started new labels for cashmere knits, bridal dresses etc. With a desire to modernise the Lancetti image, several new labels have been created: "Miss Francesca" and "Lancetti & Company." Men’s clothing and accessories also entered the offer.

The most important award the designer acquired was the Alta Moda award in 2000, which crown his most beautiful and elegant collection. The ‘new’ company continued functioning with great achievements, while Lancetti was dedicated to painting.

Designer Lancetti has 23 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 1985 and the newest is from 2012. Lancetti fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Mark Buxton and Arturetto Landi.

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perfume Elle Elle
1990 for women

perfume Etre Femme Etre Femme
2002 for women

perfume Etre Homme Etre Homme
2002 for men

perfume Etre Special Edition Etre Special Edition
2004 for women

perfume IL IL
1990 for men

perfume Lancetti Femme Lancetti Femme
for women

perfume Lancetti Mood Man Lancetti Mood Man
2006 for men

perfume Lancetti Mood Woman Lancetti Mood Woman
2006 for women

perfume Madame Madame
1995 for women

perfume Monsieur Monsieur
1995 for men

perfume Suspense Suspense
1993 for women

perfume Via Condotti Pour Femme Via Condotti Pour Femme
1985 for women

perfume Yuzen Pour Femme Yuzen Pour Femme
2011 for women

perfume Yuzen Pour Homme Yuzen Pour Homme
2011 for men


perfume Celebration I Celebration I
2012 for women

perfume Celebration II Celebration II
2012 for women

perfume Celebration III Celebration III
2012 for women

perfume Celebration IV Celebration IV
2012 for women



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