Laura Biagiotti perfumes and colognes

Country: Italy
Main activity: Fashion
Brand website: link
Parent company: Angelini

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Laura Biagiotti is an Italian fashion designer affectionately known as the "Queen of Cashmere." Born in 1943 to a mother who owned a dressmaking shop and designed the uniforms for airline Alitalia, fashion appears to run in the Biagiotti bloodline. Laura studied archaeology at Rome University but soon joined the family business. She left in 1965 to begin her own clothing company with partner Gianni Cigna, who would become her future husband. The company produced and exported clothing for a number of Italian fashion houses, before securing a deal to produce their own ready-to-wear for fashion house Angelo Tarlazzi. Laura Biagiotti's aspirations soon included designing her own line, which was fully realized in 1972 with her first women's line.

Biagiotti helped popularize luxury fabric cashmere, previously unused in the fashion industry, but which she featured in her first collection and every subsequent one.

Biagiotti's soft, luxurious fabrics and flattering but comfortable shapes were adored by women. The "baby doll" dress is a popular design that is featured in many Biagiotti collections.

Laura Bioagiotti has won numerous fashion awards, and the Biagiotti fashion bloodline cotinues. Daughter Lavinia Biagiotti Cigna joined the company and has served as Vice President since 2005.

The company's first fragrance, Fiori Bianchi, was introduced in 1982. 1988's Roma, with its marble column-like design, is the company's best-selling fragrance, and a men's edition was introduced in 1995. Laura Biagiotti continues to offer fragrances for men and women in partnership with Procter & Gamble.

Designer Laura Biagiotti has 29 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 1982 and the newest is from 2016. Laura Biagiotti fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Sophie Labbe, Sophia Grojsman, Carlos Vinals, Domitille Michalon, Juliette Karagueuzoglou, Nicolas Beaulieu, Annick Menardo, Ursula Wandel, IFF, Michel Almairac and Lucas Sieuzac.

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perfume Donna Donna
2008 for women

perfume Emotion Emotion
2001 for women

perfume Fiori Bianchi Fiori Bianchi
1991 for women

perfume Laura Biagiotti Laura Biagiotti
1982 for women

perfume Night Night
1985 for women

perfume Sotto Voce Sotto Voce
1996 for women

Biagiotti Due

perfume Biagiotti Due Donna Biagiotti Due Donna
2006 for women

perfume Biagiotti Due Uomo Biagiotti Due Uomo
2006 for men


perfume Laura Laura
1994 for women

perfume Laura Rose Laura Rose
2009 for women


perfume Aqua di Roma Aqua di Roma
2004 for women

perfume Aqua di Roma Uomo Aqua di Roma Uomo
2004 for men

perfume Blu di Roma Donna Blu di Roma Donna
2014 for women

perfume Blu di Roma Uomo Blu di Roma Uomo
2014 for men

perfume Essenza di Roma Essenza di Roma
2013 for women

perfume Essenza di Roma Uomo Essenza di Roma Uomo
2013 for men

perfume Mistero di Roma Donna Mistero di Roma Donna
2010 for women

perfume Mistero di Roma Uomo Mistero di Roma Uomo
2010 for men

perfume Roma Roma
1988 for women

perfume Roma Passione Roma Passione
2016 for women

perfume Roma Passione Uomo Roma Passione Uomo
2016 for men

perfume Roma per Uomo Roma per Uomo
1995 for men


perfume Tempore Donna Tempore Donna
1999 for women

perfume Tempore Uomo Tempore Uomo
1999 for men


perfume Venezia Venezia
1992 for women

perfume Venezia 2011 Venezia 2011
2011 for women

perfume Venezia Eau de Toilette Venezia Eau de Toilette
2012 for women

perfume Venezia Pastello Venezia Pastello
1995 for women

perfume Venezia Uomo Venezia Uomo
1995 for men



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