Le Prince Jardinier perfumes and colognes

Country: France
Main activity: Gardening
Brand website: link

Le Prince Jardinier Logo

Le Prince Jardinier is a gardening brand founded by Louis Albert de Broglie in 1995. Louis Albert de Broglie bought the renaissance Château de la Bourdaisière and showed great interest in nurturing the old garden so his friends named him “Le Prince Jardinier” (“the gardener prince”).The company is based in Paris, France as a subsidiary of Augier Passy SAS.

The brand offers collections of high-quality, stylish and elegant garden tools and accessories, natural fiber clothing such as linen safari jackets, small home items, as well as house and picnic furniture. Louis Albert de Broglie’s motto of creation is “Preserve, understand, watch and listen to transmit”. He created the National Conservatory of Tomato, which now has over 650 varieties of this fruit. He also bought Deyrolle, the last Natural Science company that started in 1831 and was threatened with extinction, in 2001. Furniture designs were introduced in 2007. All the designs have a vintage vibe to them.

Le Prince Jardinier expended its range with a perfumery line in 2004. The fragrances evoke the scents of various gardens from around the world.

Designer Le Prince Jardinier has 7 perfumes in our fragrance encyclopedia. Trademarks and logos belong to respected companies and manufacturers and are used solely to identify products and companies.

perfume Arboretum Arboretum
for men

perfume Bouton de Rose Bouton de Rose
for women

perfume Ciel, Mon Jardin! Ciel, Mon Jardin!
for women and men

perfume Citrus Allegro Citrus Allegro
for women and men

perfume L`Eau de Prince Jardinier L`Eau de Prince Jardinier
for women and men



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