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Country: Canada
Main activity: Cosmetics
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The house of Lise Watier is a cosmetics house founded by Lise and specialized in makeup, skincare and fragrances.

Lise says that her desire to make women look more beautiful, feel more empowered and we more confident started very early. When she was at boarding school she used to cut and style their her friends’ hair and do their make-up. She discovered early that beauty was my passion then, and it remained her passion till today!

An important part of her inspiration came from Helena Rubinstein’s biography. She started believed that her dream would come true eventually. Lise started working as the host of a series of television shows where women’s issues and concerns were discussed. Since she had her bake-up applied professionally every day, she learnt a lot about techniques and tips in cosmetics.

As Lise became more involved in women’s issues, she founded the Lise Watier Institute in 1968, with a wish to teach women some basic things about beauty, to give them advice on application and selection of make-up, on poise and personal fulfillment. The make-up artist believes that beauty comes from within and is best expressed though sincere smile and engaging conversation. She views beauty as a living thing, a presence; it commands attention.

By helping the women who visited Lise Watier Institute, Lise was discovering the fundamental principles which later developed into Lise Watier Cosmétiques in 1972. The aim of this cosmetics line that included make-up, skincare products and fragrances was to celebrate beauty and to increase woman’s self-confidence. This line as well as all others to come has to be of high quality, creativity, innovation and respect for Lise’s consumers.

Today, Lise’s products are very popular and sought-after by women in Canada, France, the United States, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

It was in 2009 that Lise founded Lise Watier Foundation to provide hope and assistance to women who, in spite of their talent and dreams, found themselves on the streets, without friends, family, financial resources and college degree. She also helped women who suffered physical, verbal, or sexual violence, addiction problems, drug abuse, homelessness or other difficulties. This is a non-profit organization that facilitates financial assistance to talented women, supports them and provides a safe environment where they can regain confidence in themselves.

Another goal of the Foundation was to inaugurate the Lise Watier Pavilion, in association with the Old Brewery Mission. The Pavilion was opened in December 2010 and it serves as a home to homeless women who are trying to cross the bridge from homelessness to independence. One part of Lise’s revenue from specific products is donated to the Foundation.

Designer Lise Watier has 16 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 1993 and the newest is from 2013. Lise Watier fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Christine Baillifard, Vanessa Prudent, Jean-Marc Chaillan and Carlos Benaim.

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perfume Baiser de Neiges Baiser de Neiges
2013 for women

perfume Bora Bora Bora Bora
2011 for women

perfume Capteur de Reves Capteur de Reves
2002 for women

perfume Desirable Desirable
2008 for women

perfume Folies Neiges Folies Neiges
2010 for women

perfume India India
2013 for women

perfume Ivresse Ivresse
for women

perfume Luminescence Luminescence
2005 for women

perfume Neiges Neiges
1993 for women

perfume Neiges Bleues Neiges Bleues
2003 for women

perfume Neiges Eau de Glacier Neiges Eau de Glacier
2013 for women

perfume Neiges pour Homme Neiges pour Homme
1999 for men

perfume Neon Love Desirable Neon Love Desirable
2010 for women

perfume Or Noir Or Noir
2011 for women

perfume Something Sweet Something Sweet
2013 for women

perfume Vent du Sud Vent du Sud
2011 for women



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