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Japanese corporation FITS has introduced a collection of fragrances "Love Passport", inspired with pure and unconditional love. The aim was to connect the fragrances with the theme of love. Love Passport Parfums have offered many kinds of love in stories which follow each of the fragrances and each of the bottles of this collection.

Inspirations for creation of these fragrances were the characters by Raymond Peynet, one of the famous world's illustrators on the topic of love. Raymond Peynet was born in 1908 in Paris, where he completed the school of arts and worked as a draftsman in a commercial agency Tolmer.

In 1930 he married Denise Damour and in order to make more money he was sending his drawings to some of then renowned Parisian newspapers le Rire, Rire à deux, Paris Magazine, The Boulevardier...until in 1942 his life was suddenly changed.

That year he drew "Les Amoureux"-The Lovers, two simple figures whose faces enchanted and won hearts of people around the world. That drawing brought him a great success that thanks to it, and subsequently other 6000 illustrations on 'The Lovers' theme, he became one of the most famous French illustrators.

Since their appearance, The Lovers have been transformed into figures, painted on scarves, on books, medals and pendants, made of porcelain… and put on things that symbolize love.

The Love Passport fragrances are the continuation of the romantic story of The Lovers. They were created by renowned perfumer Henri Bergia and are devoted to young women who value uniqueness and identity, creativity and passion for life. Each of the fragrances is a love story for itself which brings primordial happiness, romance, style and unconditional love.

Designer Love Passport has 19 perfumes in our fragrance base. Love Passport is a new fragrance brand. The earliest edition was created in 2008 and the newest is from 2011.

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perfume A Bloom A Bloom
for women

perfume Butterfly Kiss Secret Butterfly Kiss Secret
2008 for women

perfume Crystal Luna Crystal Luna
for women

perfume Fairy Wish Fairy Wish
for women

perfume First Love First Love
for women

perfume Juliet Love Letter Juliet Love Letter
2009 for women

perfume Juliet Love Prima Juliet Love Prima
2010 for women

perfume King Altair King Altair
2010 for men

perfume Love Passport Love Passport
for women

perfume Lovers Bouquet Lovers Bouquet
From decade: 2000 for women

perfume My Love My Love
From decade: 2000 for women

perfume One Love One Love
From decade: 2000 for women

perfume Piece of Peace Piece of Peace
From decade: 2000 for women

perfume Princess Vega Princess Vega
2010 for women

perfume Romeo Sweet Key Romeo Sweet Key
From decade: 2000 for men

perfume Romeo Sweet Melody Romeo Sweet Melody
From decade: 2000 for men

perfume Rosy Sky Rosy Sky
for women

perfume Serendipity Serendipity
2011 for women



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