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Country: Italy
Main activity: Fragrances
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The Italian perfumer Laura Tonatto is launching her first aromachology line called Magdala in 2011. Magdala is a line of aromachology perfumes that represent extracts of well – being. Aromachology is the science correlation between the psychology and technology of essences.

Magdala home and personal scent collection offers a new remedy for global well-being , without attributing to itself “magic” powers that it does not possess. It simply has the intent to sedate tensions and offer the chance to take care one’s body and mind, learning how to allow and enjoy a pause; a healthy and precious moment.

Magdala is a new fragrance brand. Designer Magdala has 4 perfumes in our fragrance base all launched in 2011. The nose who worked on the fragrances is Laura Tonatto.

perfume Armonia Armonia
2011 for women and men

perfume Concentrazione Concentrazione
2011 for women and men

perfume Energia Energia
2011 for women and men

perfume Purezza Purezza
2011 for women and men



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