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Country: Italy
Main activity: Fashion
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Mariella Burani is a fashion designer from Italy, born in Cavriago. She was educated to be a primary school teacher. After she married Burani Garment Group company's General manger, she started her work in the fashion industry. Her style is primarily influenced by her years in Italian region of Reggio Emilia where she attended schools since fifth grade.

Mariella designs for delicate yet strong woman - a woman on the move, a woman who laughs and cries, a woman who dresses like a woman but has an androgynous streak. Her imaginary picture of woman consists of Reggio girls who dressed in grays and subtle hues and the women of Cavriago used to work on the fields. These women were not perfect, but it is their imperfection that gave them special appeal.

In late 1960s and early 1970s, her collections of children's clothes attracted a lot of attention and became very popular. In her designs she tried to present children's innocence and in a certain way she stayed true to her childhood dream to work with children. In 1975 she was appointed head of fashion design of the Burani Company. Among many awards Mariella received during her career in fashion, the most important ones are the Italian Republic Knight Prize and the Best Costume Design Prize of Hollywood. One of her famous campaigns is the one done with photographer Peter Lindbergh, a black and white theme on the “Mariella Burani woman”.

Mariella Burani is a worldwide known brand today and deals with clothing, accessories, as well as with fine fragrances and perfumes for women and men.

Designer Mariella Burani has 16 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 1993 and the newest is from 2003. The nose who worked on the fragrances is Jean Jacques.

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perfume Amuleti Amuleti
1999 for women

perfume Bouquet d'Amour Vitale Bouquet d'Amour Vitale
2002 for women

perfume Collection De Roses Collection De Roses
1998 for women

perfume Eau Rosee Eau Rosee
1997 for women

perfume Mariella Mariella
1996 for women

perfume Mariella Burani Mariella Burani
1993 for women

perfume MB MB
2003 for women

perfume Messages Messages
2001 for women

perfume Messages d`Homme Messages d`Homme
2002 for men



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