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Country: France
Main activity: Cosmetics
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ORLANE is a French house specialized in skincare. Luxurious yet simple products of the house are the result of 60 years of expertise and experience in high-end, anti-aging beauty care. The products are based on science, performance, pleasure that the house wants to offer each woman and achieve the ultimate goal of re-educating the skin. They retrain the skin and reactivate its various functions; they restore the skin’s natural balance and preserve its youth.

The house of Orlane was founded as Parfums Jean d'Albret back in 1946. It is also the year when perfumer Jean d'Albret made the company's first fragrance, called Ecusson. Since the perfume achieved a great success the brand changed its name into Orlane and turned to production of beauty care. The name ORLANE was inspired by the character of the Duchess of Guermantes - Oriane - in Proust's Remembrance of Things Past. Ever since then the name of ORLANE has been eponymous with elegance, grace and beauty.

It was in late 40es that the house created the first creams containing active ingredients. The first Institute was opened in Paris. The house started an innovative advertising policy by introducing informative advertising, illustrated with cross-section views of the skin.

In 1966 the new ORLANE Institute was opened in Paris The Institute did not serve just as a beauty interpreter for its clients, but also became a training center for beauticians, hosting over 100 customers a day. This is also the place where treatments, devices and techniques accompanying each new product are developed.

Another breakthrough product was B21 Cream which marked the 21st anniversary of the brand. It was revolutionary in that it contained amino acids and 21 active ingredients. The product was advertised by an eye-catching motto: ‘At 190 francs, it's the most expensive cream in the world, but youth has no price! B21, the cream that erases time.’ The cream later developed into a whole range of B21 products excelling in the field of anti-aging products. Therefore, is worldwide famous today ORLANE as the anti-aging specialist.

In the early 70es the ORLANE Production and Research centers were moved from Clichy to Orléans, where products are still designed and tested.

Since 1985, ORLANE has been a part of a multinational, family-owned company. The brand is still growing and is particularly proud with their innovative concept: restore the skin's energy so it can carry out all of its vital functions. The company headquarters are located at 12-14, Rond-Point des Champs-Elysées, in Paris' 8th arrondissement.

Designer Orlane has 15 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 1978 and the newest is from 2001. Orlane fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Karine Dubreuil, Enrico Scartezzini, Shyamala Maisondieu, Olivier Gillotin and Richard Herpin.

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perfume Be 21 Be 21
2001 for women

perfume Casaque Femme Casaque Femme
for women

perfume Derrick Derrick
1978 for men

perfume Derrick Blue Derrick Blue
for men

perfume Eau d`Orlane Eau d`Orlane
1992 for women

perfume Ecusson Ecusson
for women

perfume Fleurs d`Orlane Fleurs d`Orlane
1983 for women



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