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Brook Harvey Taylor, who has been fascinated with scents since she was a teenager, is the founder of Pacifica Parfums. She started mixing scents with oils from a local shop and when she moved to Oregon her choice to study aromatherapy was a natural one. After finishing her studies she developed her own unique fragrances that were inspired by the West Coast. She met Billy Taylor, a successful photographer and filmmaker who shared her love for nature and outdoor activities, and soon thereafter they both founded Pacifica Parfums.

Pacifica's way to success was initially plastered with obstacles but as soon as Brook decided to produce scented candles and to present them at a trade fair, her luck changed for the better. The candles sold well instantly and soon became the foundation that Pacifica's fragrance empire would be built on. Brook and Billy managed to raise the profile of their brand without any marketing, but with the help of good old-fashioned word-of-mouth. The initial fan-base centred around fragrance lovers and collectors and people who were convinced by the natural perfume line and Brook's personal style of creating fragrances.

The scents of the collection are all unique, happy, fun and easy to wear, state the creative heads behind the brand. The use of natural ingredients and sustainable materials and the safety of the products have convinced perfume lovers around the world. Today, Pacifica's collection includes not only fragrances. The product portfolio consists of body washes and butters, scrubs and soaps, candles and even a make-up line.

Pacifica has launched several unisex fragrances that are easy to wear. One of them, Brazilian Mango Grapefruit, is a fruity scent full of mango and grapefruit freshness. Madagaskar Spice is a composition that is built around spicy notes, clove and citruses. Spanish Amber, a scent with dominant notes of resins, is a warm, sweet and classy composition.

The main branch of the business is the sale of women's fragrances. French Lilac is a realistic soliflore. Lotus Garden is a light, green, floral and aquatic scent that has delighted many a woman. Persian Rose is a modern interpretation of a rose soliflore.

Designer Pacifica has 27 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 2007 and the newest is from 2016. The nose who worked on the fragrances is Brook Harvey-Taylor.

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perfume Avalon Juniper Avalon Juniper
for women and men

perfume Brazilian Mango Grapefruit Brazilian Mango Grapefruit
for women and men

perfume Egyptian Bergamot Rose Egyptian Bergamot Rose
2009 for women

perfume French Lilac French Lilac
for women

perfume Hawaiian Ruby Guava Hawaiian Ruby Guava
for women and men

perfume Indian Coconut Nectar Indian Coconut Nectar
2010 for women

perfume Island Vanilla Island Vanilla
2012 for women

perfume Lotus Garden Lotus Garden
for women

perfume Madagascar Spice Madagascar Spice
for women and men

perfume Mediterranean Fig Mediterranean Fig
for women and men

perfume Mexican Cocoa Mexican Cocoa
for women and men

perfume Nerola Orange Blossom Nerola Orange Blossom
2007 for women

perfume Persian Rose Persian Rose
for women

perfume Sandalwood Sandalwood
2007 for women and men

perfume Spanish Amber Spanish Amber
2007 for women and men

perfume Sugared Amber Dream Sugared Amber Dream
2015 for women and men

perfume Thai Lemongras Thai Lemongras
2008 for women and men

perfume Tibetan Mountain Temple Tibetan Mountain Temple
2007 for women and men

perfume Tunisian Jasmine Tunisian Jasmine
2009 for women

perfume Tuscan Blood Orange Tuscan Blood Orange
for women and men

perfume Vanilla Vera Cruz Vanilla Vera Cruz
From decade: 2000 for women

perfume Waikiki Pikake Waikiki Pikake
for women



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