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Parfumerie Generale ("PG") is a niche fragrance house founded in France by chemist and perfumer Pierre Guillaume. The company name is a humorous take on the initials of its founder. The company was launched in 2002.

Guillaume's background in science enables the line to innovate with chemicals and technology. The company's first perfume, Cozé, introduced in 2002, uses a technique called "photo-affinage" (a patented trade secret, essentially photo-refining or smoothing olfactory peaks via ultraviolet radiation) to maximize the ingredients. This same technique was used in Eau de Circe (2005).

The fragrances are designed as unisex or "shared" scents and are given a number and a name, to allow the wearer to explore each scent free of any gender bias. Each fragrance is also graded on a scale from 1-5, to give the wearer an idea of its longevity and sillage.

Parfumerie Générale handles the entire manufacturing process at its own facilities, from artistic creation, assembling the components, adding the alcohol and refining, right up to the final packaging. The precious liquids are protected by a heavy glass container known as a "Diolène", in the Parfumerie Generale signature black and off-white packaging, trimmed with black velvet. Accompanying each fragrance is a pamphlet explaining the perfume—its history, formulation, concentration, etc.

Parfumerie Generale also offers a "Private Collection" series which produces more experimental scents, some of which have joined the regular collection over time. The company produces limited edition fragrances on a regular basis as well. Candles are also a part of the Parfumerie Generale line.

In 2010, to celebrate the eighth anniversary of the Parfumerie Generale line, Guillaume launched Huitieme Art ("Eighth Art"). The Huitieme Art collection of eight fragrances utilized extraction of phyto-perfumery, a technology which enables retention of the natural scent of each ingredient. A ninth scent joined the Huitieme Art collection in 2011.



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