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Country: United Kingdom
Main activity: Fragrances
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Parent company: Puig

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Penhaligon's is a British perfumery established in 1870 by William Penhaligon. Originating as a barbershop, Penhaligon's offered its first fragrance in 1872, Hammam Bouquet. The fragrance was inspired by the neighboring Turkish Bath and its sulfurous steam. The company's best-selling fragrance, 1902's Blenheim Bouquet, created at the request of the Duke of Marlborough at Blenheim Palace, broke with the prevailing floral trends of its day to enchant with zesty citrus, spices and woods.

Scents were issued regularly from the original shop on Jermyn Street, until it was destroyed in The Blitz of 1941. The shop disappeared, but the fragrances of the company endured, and in 1956, Penhaligon's was granted a Royal Warrant by the Duke of Edinburgh for the manufacturing of toiletries.

Interest in the company was renewed with the opening of a new Penahligon's flagship store in Covent Gardens, in 1975. The flagship store represented a new direction for the company as well, with the old formulas composed by William Penahligon being resurrected, and new floral scents designed to appeal to a modern female customer. Chief among these was 1978's Bluebell, which remains a best-seller for the company today.

The company was granted a second Royal Warrant in 1988, by the Princess of Wales.

Many of the original scents created by William Penhaligon were modernized and re-introduced as part of the "Anthology Collection." The company maintains its commitment to fine, traditional perfume ingredients and techniques. The bottles for Penhaligon's scents are based on William Penhaligon's original design—clear glass and adorned with a ribbon.

Penhaligon's today offers a line of bath and body care products and luxury shaving and grooming accessories to complement its fragrances. A number of stores are now open in London and elsewhere in the UK, and the products are also available through select stockists in the UK, North America and Europe.

Designer Penhaligon`s has 64 perfumes in our fragrance base. Penhaligon`s is an old perfume house. The earliest edition was created in 1870 and the newest is from 2017. Penhaligon`s fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Bertrand Duchaufour, Michael Pickthall, Sophie Labbé, Olivia Giacobetti, Fragrance Resources, Olivier Cresp, Christian Provenzano, William Penhaligon, Alberto Morillas, Mathilde Bijaoui, Francis Pickthall, Daphné Bugey, Juliette Karagueuzoglou, Daphne Bugey and Christophe Raynaud.

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perfume Alizarin Alizarin
2016 for women

perfume Amaranthine Amaranthine
2009 for women

perfume Artemisia Artemisia
2002 for women

perfume Bayolea Bayolea
2014 for men

perfume Blasted Bloom Blasted Bloom
2015 for women and men

perfume Blasted Heath Blasted Heath
2015 for women and men

perfume Blenheim Bouquet Blenheim Bouquet
1902 for men

perfume Bluebell Bluebell
1978 for women

perfume Castile Castile
1998 for women and men

perfume Clandestine Clara Clandestine Clara
2016 for women

perfume Cornubia Cornubia
1910 for women

perfume Douro Douro
2004 for men

perfume Eau de Cologne Eau de Cologne
1927 for women and men

perfume Eau de Verveine Eau de Verveine
1949 for women and men

perfume Elisabethan Rose Elisabethan Rose
1984 for women

perfume Elixir Elixir
2008 for women and men

perfume Ellenisia Ellenisia
2005 for women

perfume Endymion Endymion
2003 for men

perfume Endymion Concentré Endymion Concentré
2016 for women and men

perfume English Fern English Fern
1890 for women and men

perfume Equinox Bloom Equinox Bloom
2016 for women and men

perfume Extract of Limes Extract of Limes
1870 for women and men

perfume Gardenia Gardenia
1976 for women

perfume Halfeti Halfeti
2015 for women

perfume Hammam Bouquet Hammam Bouquet
1872 for men

perfume Iris Prima Iris Prima
2013 for women and men

perfume Jubilee Bouquet Jubilee Bouquet
1977 for women

perfume Juniper Sling Juniper Sling
2011 for women and men

perfume Lavandula Lavandula
2002 for women and men

perfume Lily & Spice Lily & Spice
2006 for women

perfume Lily of the Valley Lily of the Valley
1976 for women

perfume LP No.9 for Men LP No.9 for Men
1999 for men

perfume LP No:9 LP No:9
1998 for women

perfume Luna Luna
2016 for women and men

perfume Malabah Malabah
2003 for women

perfume Night Scented Stock Night Scented Stock
1976 for women

perfume Ninevah Ninevah
2015 for women

perfume Opus 1870 Opus 1870
2005 for men

perfume Orange Blossom Orange Blossom
2010 for women

perfume Ostara Ostara
2015 for women

perfume Oud de Nil Oud de Nil
2016 for women

perfume Peoneve Peoneve
2012 for women

perfume Quercus Quercus
1996 for women and men

perfume Racquets Formula Racquets Formula
1989 for men

perfume Roaring Radcliff Roaring Radcliff
2016 for men

perfume Sartorial Sartorial
2010 for men

perfume Savoy Steam Savoy Steam
2017 for women and men

perfume Tralala Tralala
2014 for women and men

perfume Vaara Vaara
2013 for women and men

perfume Victorian Posy Victorian Posy
1979 for women

perfume Violetta Violetta
1976 for women

perfume Zizonia Zizonia
1930 for women

Portraits Collection

perfume Clandestine Clara Clandestine Clara
2017 for women

The Anthology Collection

perfume Eau Sans Pareil Eau Sans Pareil
2011 for women

perfume Esprit du Roi Esprit du Roi
2011 for men

Trade Routes Collection

perfume As Sawira As Sawira
2015 for women and men

perfume Empressa Empressa
2014 for women

perfume Levantium Levantium
2014 for women and men

perfume Lothair Lothair
2014 for women and men



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