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Country: Italy
Main activity: Accessories
Brand website: link
Parent company: Mavive SpA

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Police is an Italian fashion house that was founded in 1983. Initially, the brand sold sunglasses for women and men before other product lines were launched. Today Police sell all sorts of eyewear, jewelry and watches, accessories such as belts and, of course, perfumes. The first self-titled fragrance of the house was launched in 1997. This scent, composed around fresh top notes, floral middle notes and woody and musky base notes is often referred to as Police Original.

The fragrance turned out to be a financial success and the company presented a new perfume pair called Police Naked Pour Femme and Police Naked Pour Homme in 2003. While new product lines were added to the brand portfolio, several new fragrances were composed and presented alongside the accessories collections in the following years. 2006 was the year that Police B-Cool was launched. This fragrance is composed of aromatic, spicy, herbal and woody notes that create an effect of heat and cool at the same time. Police Caribbean, a floral-fruity scent for women with fresh, joyful, passionate and sweet notes, hit the shelves in 2007.

The creativity of the people behind the brand reached a new high when four new fragrances were presented in 2008: Police Wings Pour Homme, a men's fragrance, is a sweet, oriental composition built around herbal and spicy notes. Another fragrant pair named Pure Man and Pure Woman were launched in the same year. The third men's fragrance that was launched in 2008 was the woody-aromatic scent Police Freedom.

2009 saw the launch of the floral-fruity women's scent Police Pure Police London Femme and the oriental, woody and spicy fragrance Police Pure Police London Homme. Police Gold Wings, a follow-up on the successful Wings for men from 2008, was presented in 2010. The year 2011 saw the launches of more perfumes from the Italian specialist for sunglasses and accessories. Police Dark Women, an exotic oriental-floral perfume, Police Pure New York Woman and Police Pure New York Man, the much-talked about To Be, housed in a very unusual bottle shaped as a skull, and the special edition Police Titanium Wings were all launched during 2011.

Several celebrities, among them stars such as Bruce Willis and the Italian football hero Paolo Maldini, have sported the Police's merchandise.

Designer Police has 57 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 1998 and the newest is from 2017. Police fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Celine Ripert, Drom, Pierre Constantin Gueros and Domitille Bertier.

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perfume B-Cool B-Cool
2006 for men

perfume Police Caribbean Police Caribbean
2007 for women

perfume Uomo Police Uomo Police
2004 for men



perfume Interactive pour Femme Interactive pour Femme
2001 for women


perfume Police Naked Pour Femme Police Naked Pour Femme
2003 for women

Police Eyes

perfume Eyes Feminine Eyes Feminine
2004 for women

perfume Eyes For You Eyes For You
2005 for women


perfume Icon Icon
2014 for men

perfume Icon Gold Icon Gold
2016 for men

perfume Icon Intense Icon Intense
2015 for men

Police Man

perfume Contemporary Contemporary
for men

perfume Cosmopolitan Cosmopolitan
2004 for men

perfume Dark Men Dark Men
2002 for men

perfume Freedom Freedom
2008 for men

perfume Frozen Frozen
From decade: 2010 for men

perfume Imperial Patchouli Imperial Patchouli
2015 for men

perfume Instinct Instinct
From decade: 2010 for men

perfume Original Original
1998 for men

perfume Passion Passion
2010 for men

perfume Royal Black Royal Black
From decade: 2010 for men

Police Woman

perfume Police Dark Women Police Dark Women
2011 for women

perfume Police Exotic Police Exotic
2015 for women

perfume Police Passion Police Passion
2010 for women

perfume Police Patchouli Police Patchouli
2016 for women

perfume Sunscent Sunscent
2013 for women

Pure Police

perfume Pure Man Pure Man
2008 for men

perfume Pure Woman Pure Woman
2008 for women

The Sinner

perfume Forbidden for Man Forbidden for Man
2016 for men

perfume Forbidden for Woman Forbidden for Woman
2016 for women

perfume The Sinner The Sinner
2014 for men

perfume The Sinner for Women The Sinner for Women
2014 for women

To Be

perfume The Illusionist The Illusionist
2012 for men

perfume To Be To Be
2011 for men

perfume To Be Camouflage To Be Camouflage
2015 for men

perfume To Be Miss Beat To Be Miss Beat
2017 for women

perfume To Be Mr Beat To Be Mr Beat
2017 for men

perfume To Be Rebel To Be Rebel
2016 for men

perfume To Be Rose Blossom To Be Rose Blossom
2016 for women

perfume TO BE The King TO BE The King
2013 for men

perfume TO BE The Queen TO BE The Queen
2013 for women

perfume To Be Woman To Be Woman
2012 for women


perfume Police Gold Wings Police Gold Wings
2010 for men

perfume Silver Wings Silver Wings
2006 for men

perfume Wings Blue Wings Blue
2015 for men

perfume Wings Femme Wings Femme
2006 for women

perfume Wings Pour Homme Wings Pour Homme
2008 for men



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