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Romea D`Ameor is a French house founded by Annie VANNIER Their collection is inspired by women who had an important role in the history, attracted attention with their charm, charisma and certainly, beauty. The whole collection was created in cooperation with perfumer Pierre Bourdon, who signed numerous famous editions. Each of the presented perfumes is dedicated to a different woman from the history, who was given one unusual and exciting flower of the composition, which symbolizes her temperament and seductiveness. Seven perfumes of their collection were presented: The Princesses of Venice, The Great Inca Priestesses, The Mistresses of Louis XIV, The Sovereigns of Egypt, The Great Empresses of Japan, The Secret Heroines of the Tsar, The Taj Mahal's Eternal Love.

The Princess of Venice is a fresh, positive fragrance, dedicated to lively and youthful women. It opens with aromas of Brazilian orange, black currant, pineapple, melon, cloves, adding aromas of Champaka, Egyptian orange blossom, jasmine, black currant buds, and finishing with sandalwood, raspberry, Moroccan iris and pistachio wood. The Princess of Venice was launched in 2008.

The Great Inca Priestesses is a warm and comfortable fragrance for women. It encompasses top notes of grapefruit, Italian mandarin, orange from Guinea, apple and mango. A heart adds Canna orchid, sea accords, rose, lily of the valley, rose and jasmine, while base notes feature sandalwood, oak moss, teak wood, along with nectarine zest, warm notes of chocolate, caramel and musk. The Great Inca Priestesses was launched in 2008.

The Mistresses of Louis XIV is a fragrant tonic which revitalizes body and spirit, imagination and knowledge. It opens with Iranian galbanum, black currant and melon, adding a rhythm of cloves, crushed leaves, Flame Lily, jasmine, daffodil, rose, lily of the valley and iris. Base notes include forest and greenery aromas, nectarine, amber and musk. The Mistresses of Louis XIV was launched in 2008.

The Sovereigns of Egypt promises floating on fragrant clouds of melon, passion fruit, litchi and cloves; middle notes are enriched with orchid from the Baleari islands, jasmine, magnolia, rose and heliotrope, while base notes include vetiver, iris, Peru balsam, coconut, peach, vanilla, amber and musk. The Sovereigns of Egypt was launched in 2008.

The Great Empresses of Japan was created to remove negative thoughts, encourage positive thoughts and arise spirit. Top encompasses freesia, melon and beautiful ylang ylang, heart beats in tacts of violet, rose, lily of the valley, peony, heliotrope and iris, while base notes include iris root, vetiver, teak wood, sandalwood ad Tonka. The Great Empresses of Japan was launched in 2008.

The Secret Heroines of the Tsar is a feminine fragrance full of self-esteem. It aims at extremely feminine women and hides a secret ingredient in its heart - Siberian baby woodrose flower. The perfume opens with a breeze of Italian lemon, grapefruit from Israel, with lemon sorbet, apple and melon. A heart blooms with Siberian baby woodrose, surrounded with jasmine, rose, lily of the valley and magnolia. Base notes incorporate iris, sandalwood, patchouli, caramel, amber, vanilla and musk. The Secret Heroines of the Tsar was launched in 2008.

This perfume was created to capture youthful feeling and thoughts, and to contribute to quality of life. It opens with sparkling notes of grapefruit and bergamot, with melon and black currant, adding aromas of crushed, fresh leaves, lily of the valley and sea breeze aromas. A heart blooms with beautiful blue lotus Taj Mahal, strengthened with rose and jasmine, while base notes await us with iris, vetiver, raspberry, peach, vanilla and sensual musk. The Taj Mahal’s Eternal Love was launched in 2008.

Romea D`Ameor is a new fragrance brand. Designer Romea D`Ameor has 7 perfumes in our fragrance base all launched in 2008. The nose who worked on the fragrances is Pierre Bourdon.

perfume The Princess of Venice The Princess of Venice
2008 for women

perfume The Sovereigns of Egypt The Sovereigns of Egypt
2008 for women



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