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Country: Italy
Main activity: Fashion
Brand website: link
Parent company: ITF Cosmetics

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Romeo Gigli is an Italian designer born in 1949 who is best known for renewing the use of elaborate beading, drapery and luxury fabrics such as velvet, brocade, and silks in fashion.

The designer was born in Faenza, Italy in and aristocratic family who taught him to appreciate luxury. His sense for passion was strongly influenced by his father’s antiquarian book business. He studied architecture and travelled regularly to European capitals, which inspired his first clothing collections based on the avant-garde street style.

Gigli’s great breakthrough in New York happened in 1978, when he designed a collection of men’s clothing for Piertro Dimitri. After returning to Italy he started working as design consultant for Italian clothing companies.

His own company was established in Gigli in 1983 and clothes were manufactured by company Zamasport. In the next few years, Gigli become recognizable for his unstructured and anachronistic and his return to simplicity made him one of the most popular Italian designers. In 1989 he left Italy and moved his to Paris, where he continued organizing his fashion shows and presentation in Paris and Louvre, and finally settled in a showroom in the Marais district. The year of 1991 brought a huge change, since the designed separated from his two former business partners, restructured his business, and started "Romeo World".

Years following after 1986 brought worldwide success and even bigger designer’s popularity among stylish, wealthy women who enjoyed each of his wonderful collections. Gigli's fashion is best characterized as a combination of Renaissance regality, Japanese severity, and disheveled punk-oriented street chic’.

He is one of the designers who influenced the fashion in the best way possible – he brought back femininity in modern design, he accentuated feminine details and jewelry, highlighted waist and rounded hiplines. He used stretch materials to accentuate women’s curves.

Another unusual thing about Gigli’s business is that he was among the first ones to offers fashion by other designers in his boutiques. Some of other designers he included in his offers were Jean Paul Gaultier and Sybilla. Romeo Gigli views fashion as art and gladly embraces fashion and style of other cultures and traditions.

Accoridng to many great reviews, Gigli is one of the most influential fashion design of the late 1980s. He continued with his avant-garde designs in the 1990es, but also offered a lower-priced line to enable his creations to be affordable to a wider audience.

Gigli left his signature company in 2004 and started designing on his own supported with investment from an Italian private equity firm. The name Gigli was sold in 1999 to IT Holding, an Italian manufacturer.

Designer Romeo Gigli has 11 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 1989 and the newest is from 2012. Romeo Gigli fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Nathalie Feisthauer, Sophie Labbe and Alberto Morillas.

perfume Di Romeo Gigli Di Romeo Gigli
1999 for women

perfume G Gigli G Gigli
1994 for women

perfume Laki Laki
for women

perfume Laki Laki
for men

perfume Romeo di Romeo Gigli Romeo di Romeo Gigli
1989 for women

perfume Romeo Eau Fraiche Romeo Eau Fraiche
1989 for women

perfume Romeo Gigli Romeo Gigli
2003 for women

perfume Romeo Gigli Man Romeo Gigli Man
2004 for men

perfume Romeo Gigli Uomo Romeo Gigli Uomo
1991 for men

perfume Romeo Gigli Women Romeo Gigli Women
2012 for women



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