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Country: Denmark
Main activity: Lifestyle
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Royal Copenhagen (Royal Porcelain Factory) is a Danish porcelain manufacturer, founded in 1775. Its original headquarters were in Copenhagen.

The house was founded as the result of experiments with hard feldspar porcelain made from quartz by the pharmacist Frantz Heinrich Müller (1738-1820). The Queen Dowager Juliane Marie and her son Frederik partnered with Müller in 1775 to found the company. For almost a century, the Royal Danish Porcelain Manufactory was run by the Danish Royal Family.

In 1868 the company passed to private owners but still kept the name and the royal legacy of the brand. In 1882-84 the company joined with the Aluminia faience factory and moved from Copenhagen to Frederiksberg. Arnold Krog (1856-1931), painter and architect, was appointed as the manager with the task to revive the factory’s great original porcelain, Blue Fluted. He also developed a new technique for painting under the glaze, which made it possible to depict landscapes and other naturalistic graphics. This underglaze decorated porcelain made the company world famous since it was showed at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1889 and won the Grand Prix.

Today, Royal Copenhagen is famous for its fine porcelain, hand-painted and manufactured by ancient methods. It is known worldwide for being Danish, for maintaining tradition but also excepting innovation. Royal Copenhagen operates in the US, EU and Asia and employs more than 500 people. The company is a part of the group of Scandinavian companies Royal Scandinavia and is owned by a private equity fund, Axcel.

Designer Royal Copenhagen has 8 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 1970 and the newest is from 2014.

perfume Royal Copenhagen Royal Copenhagen
1970 for men

perfume Viking Viking
1999 for men


perfume 1775 Classic For Men 1775 Classic For Men
2014 for men

perfume 1775 Noble For Men 1775 Noble For Men
2014 for men

perfume 1775 Rival For Men 1775 Rival For Men
2014 for men

perfume 1775 Valor For Men 1775 Valor For Men
2014 for men



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