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Country: Germany
Main activity: Retailer
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Designer Schlossparfumerie has 23 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 2001 and the newest is from 2015. The nose who worked on the fragrances is Jean Claude Astier.

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Signature line

perfume BB Mix BB Mix
2005 for women

perfume BB Special BB Special
2005 for women

perfume Belle du Sud Belle du Sud
2006 for women

perfume Bruyere Bruyere
2015 for men

perfume C - 100 Jubilee C - 100 Jubilee
2014 for women

perfume Chateau Philipp Chateau Philipp
2015 for men

perfume Ebonite Ebonite
2015 for men

perfume Ete Ete
2007 for women

perfume Gardenia Gardenia
2006 for women

perfume Geoffrey Geoffrey
2014 for men

perfume H - 100 Jubilee H - 100 Jubilee
2014 for women and men

perfume Imperial Santal Imperial Santal
2015 for men

perfume Kuvvet Mira Kuvvet Mira
2013 for women and men

perfume Kuvvet Mira WM Edition Germany Kuvvet Mira WM Edition Germany
2014 for women and men

perfume L'Esprit Vert L'Esprit Vert
for women and men

perfume La Vida Loca La Vida Loca
2007 for women

perfume Orient Express Orient Express
2001 for women

perfume P - 100 Jubilee P - 100 Jubilee
2014 for men

perfume Pour la Belle Pour la Belle
2007 for women

perfume Purple Velvet Purple Velvet
2010 for women

perfume Pyramid Pyramid
2003 for women

perfume Riviera Sport Riviera Sport
2015 for men



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