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Country: Netherlands
Main activity: Fashion
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Parent company: L'Oreal

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Viktor & Rolf is an Amsterdam-based fashion house. The "Viktor & Rolf" of the house's name are Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren. Both Viktor and Rolf were born in 1969, and met when they studied fashion at the Academy of the Arts at Arnhem. The pair bear a slight physical resemblance to each other and are known for being photographed or strutting down the catwalk after the fashion shows in identical outfits.

Such spectacles are also present in their fashion shows, which take the form of artistic presentations and which have featured such interesting sights as a single model being dressed in nine different layers of couture gowns, fashion shows that featured models wearing blue clothing that served as a "blue screen" for film projections, and shows in which each model wore her own scaffolding with her own lights and music. For their first menswear collection, "Monsieur," Viktor and Rolf modeled the clothing themselves, changing outfits onstage in front of the press and guests.

The pair are known for their creativity and artistry of their clothing collections. To no one's surprise, the pair have also had their fashions and designs featured in exhibitions at some of the world's most renowned art museums. Viktor and Rolf have also published a series of books and have designed costumes for theatrical productions.

Perfumes seem like a natural extension of this creative pair. The first Viktor & Rolf fragrance, Flowerbomb, was introduced in 2004, to coincide with a women's Spring/Summer 2005 fashion collection also called "Flowerbomb." Viktor and Rolf chose the name and designed the fragrance's distinctive "hand grenade" bottle and gift-wrap packaging. The fragrance was a smashing success, with several flankers and limited editions being issued over the following years. A men's fragrance was soon to follow.

The pair's first fragrance for men, Antidote, was issued in 2006, also to coincide with a men's collection for their Monsieur line that was also named "Antidote."

The next fragrance, 2009's Eau Mega (a play on "Omega," the last letter in the Greek alphabet), made waves with its innovative packaging. The cap and sprayer are integrated and the perfume is dispensed by pressing a round Viktor & Rolf seal.

A new men's fragrance, Spicebomb, has come out in 2012.

Designer Viktor&Rolf has 57 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 2005 and the newest is from 2017. Viktor&Rolf fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Alienor Massenet, Pierre Wargnye, Carlos Benaim, Olivier Polge, Cecile Matton, Serge Majoullier, Serge Majoullie, Cecile Matton i Serge Majoullie, Domitille Bertier, Dominique Ropion, Sonia Constant, Marie Salamagne, Amandine Marie, Dora Baghriche-Arnaud and Juliette Karagueuzoglou.

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perfume Antidote Antidote
2006 for men

perfume Eau Mega Eau Mega
2009 for women


perfume Bonbon Bonbon
2014 for women

perfume Bonbon Couture Bonbon Couture
2016 for women

perfume Bonbon Hair Mist Bonbon Hair Mist
2016 for women

perfume Bonbon Limited Edition Bonbon Limited Edition
2015 for women

perfume Bonbon Spring Summer Bonbon Spring Summer
2017 for women

Flowerbomb Collection

perfume Flowerbomb Flowerbomb
2005 for women

perfume Flowerbomb Bloom Flowerbomb Bloom
2017 for women

perfume Flowerbomb de Paris Flowerbomb de Paris
2011 for women

perfume Flowerbomb Extreme Flowerbomb Extreme
2006 for women

perfume Flowerbomb Extreme 2007 Flowerbomb Extreme 2007
2007 for women

perfume Flowerbomb Extreme 2013 Flowerbomb Extreme 2013
2013 for women

perfume Flowerbomb Fairy Tale Flowerbomb Fairy Tale
2013 for women

perfume Flowerbomb Fireworks Flowerbomb Fireworks
2015 for women

perfume Flowerbomb Pink Sparkle Flowerbomb Pink Sparkle
2009 for women

Magic Collection

perfume Dancing Roses Dancing Roses
2017 for women and men

perfume Dirty Trick Dirty Trick
2017 for women and men

perfume Lavender Illusion Lavender Illusion
2017 for women and men

perfume Liquid Diamonds Liquid Diamonds
2017 for women and men

perfume Sage Spell Sage Spell
2017 for women and men

perfume Sparkling Secret Sparkling Secret
2017 for women and men


perfume Spicebomb Spicebomb
2012 for men

perfume Spicebomb Extreme Spicebomb Extreme
2015 for men



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