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"The original Plan for Yachtsman was hatched while sitting aboard my sailboat, Spanish Pause, in Mandeville, Louisiana in the spring of 1995. I'm sure a favorite alcohol enhanced our creativity, but, still, we realized the plan was solid, and the idea unique. After about a year of toying with the business plan, and trying to find some great formulas to purchase, our inspiration waned and the project was shelved.

Later, in October of 1999, inspiration struck again, along with a renewed determination. With my knowledge of chemistry, I knew I could formulate some excellent fragrances. Wow, was I wrong. Apparently, I knew just enough to create some very fine insect repellents! Well, maybe they weren't that bad; however, from those months of experimentation, I learned that the science of aromatic formulation is far more exacting than I had imagined. I needed education; it made all the difference! The more I learned, the better my formulations became.

By 2005, I had settled on a great theme for my new fragrances. Being an avid sailor, and having visited some really fascinating ports-of-call, I was profoundly influenced by their beauty, pace of life, and, of course, the wonderful scents of indigenous flowers and spices, all of which factored heavily into the creation of each fragrance.

I was now confident that my fragrances were exceptional. It was time to bring them to market. Hello, Katrina. Time to move, and start over. So finally, here we are in 2010 launching the first four fragrances of our fleet, Home Port, Cabo, Tobago, and Zanzibar." John Verde, The Creator

Designer Yachtsman has 4 perfumes in our fragrance encyclopedia. Trademarks and logos belong to respected companies and manufacturers and are used solely to identify products and companies. The nose who worked on the fragrances is John Verde.

perfume Cabo Cabo
for women and men

perfume Home Port Home Port
for men

perfume Tobago Tobago
for women and men

perfume Zanzibar Zanzibar
for women and men



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