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Born and bred in the beautiful multi-cultural “Rainbow Nation” of South Africa, I have loved good quality men’s perfumes since a teenager. A quality perfume worn by a sophisticated lady is also extremely attractive to me.

I believe I am very fortunate to be gifted with of a sharp, sensitive, tuned in sense of smell. I don’t mean to blow my own trumpet, but it is true! My sense of smell has always impeccable. Whether I am able to correctly or accurately discern or describe the different accords and or notes in perfumery, only time will tell. This is of little consequence as my nose allows me to thoroughly enjoy the countless natural scents that “Mother Nature” birthed. Perfumery is all about the momentary sensory stimulation that stays with you forever. For me, smelling good is a very personal part of the enjoyment of civilized life!

This ability and sheer curiosity (largely credit to the internet) has magically “allured” me into the world of scents.

In terms of smell (and taste) I also have a deep appreciation for good pipe tobacco, borne from a different world of smells, notes and tastes.

By pure accident, I developed a renewed passion for men’s EDT. (I want to share the story, but I am actually embarrassed to do so.) As a novice perfume lover (I barely know the difference between “cologne”, “EDT” and “Perfume.”) I see it as an exciting new interest for me. (“New is beautiful”)

Everything about perfume catapults me into a fantasy world. It transports me into my past; it raises expectations of perceived future pleasure. Certain perfumes are therapeutic, often lifting my mood. I am fascinated by the different “houses” the different perceptions, even the catchy logos, labels and attractive bottles lure me deeper into an introverted fascination that is difficult to boldly describe.

This site has opened up another world for me. (If I may say so this is a well crafted web site which deserves extensive popularity and praise.) I can see myself at home here as I also take pleasure in writing. There is no doubt that I am attracted to the idea of buying, savoring, wearing and writing about perfume. The whole experience is a little addictive!

I developed adoration for cologne as a 17 year old. Endlessly amazed at the age old mystical effect it had on me, friends and my loved ones, I have always kept a small stock of EDT, some cheap, some expensive. In my opinion “Edgars” and “Edgars Red Square” are the most renowned places here in South Africa to shop for the finest range of EDT’s. (In our country these are expensive luxury items, only for the mid to top privileged.) I have however found a cheaper shop with exactly the same products, except for Chanel.

Like so many, I have had the privilege of living a thousand fantasies and carved even more memories from the sheer joy of using perfume. Of course, compliments are a natural dopamine booster! As a youngster, I never had the luxury of the marvelous internet to share this passion with like minded people like you and I. The internet inspires me to engage with others who have similar interests. This site is right up my web alley! (Nor did I have the money back then to indulge in buying perfume as I do now.)

I have already started my own little collection and I intend to add one more at least every month or two.

I hope that I may be of value to other enthusiasts in deciding what perfumes to try, by writing open, honest reviews. I also hope to dialogue with perfume lovers around the world to enrich this beautiful olfactory journey and to learn more about this almost godly science.

“Scent - intimate, invisible magic. Flowers & spice, the mind's eye, a heart reflected by hedonistic emotion & intense photographic memory.” ~ Waine

March 2012

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My favorite fragrances

CH Men Allure Pour Homme Cacharel Pour Homme Le Male

Perfumes I Have - (13)

  • Carolina Herrera 212 Men
  • Carolina Herrera CH Men
  • Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Night
  • Aramis Aramis Life
  • Ted Lapidus Lapidus Pour Homme
  • Paco Rabanne 1 Million
  • Shulton Company Old Spice Original
  • Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male
  • Jean Paul Gaultier Fleur du Mâle
  • Alfred Dunhill Desire for a Man
  • Guy Laroche Drakkar Noir
  • Shulton Company Old Spice Wolfthorn
  • Shulton Company Old Spice Hawkridge

Perfumes I Want - (7)

  • Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Men
  • Hermes Terre d`Hermes Parfum
  • Paco Rabanne Black XS
  • Paco Rabanne Black XS L'Exces for Him
  • Chanel Bleu de Chanel
  • Antonio Puig Quorum
  • Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Summer 2012

Perfumes I Had - (20)

  • Yves Saint Laurent Kouros
  • Aramis Aramis Devin
  • Aramis Havana
  • Aramis Aramis
  • Aramis Aramis 900
  • Aramis New West for Him
  • Joop! Joop! Homme
  • Hugo Boss Hugo
  • Aramis Tuscany Per Uomo
  • Tommy Hilfiger Tommy
  • Revlon Pub
  • Jovan Jovan Musk for Men
  • Maurer & Wirtz Tabac
  • Chanel Allure Pour Homme
  • Coty Route 66
  • Coty Stetson
  • Yardley English Blazer
  • Regency Cosmetics Jade East
  • Cacharel Cacharel Pour Homme
  • Parfums Bleu Blue Stratos

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