Fragrantica A Fragrant Love Story: Help Us Write the Conclusion

A Fragrant Love Story: Help Us Write the Conclusion

02/13/17 11:36:07 (3 comments)

by: Elena Vosnaki, Sofia Shang, Stefanie Jähn, John Biebel

This Valentine's Day, Fragrantica writers enjoyed the creativity of composing a fragrant love story. One by one we took turns telling the story of Miss Dior and her mysterious suitor, incorporating numerous fragrances into the story. Now, we invite you to join in the fun and write a conclusion. Just leave a reply in our General Perfume Talk Forum HERE and be as creative or as silly as you wish. Incorporate scents into the story by using the insert perfume function under the reply areas. One lucky winner will receive the beautiful new Ardent Rose from Roses for Autism, see my article about this exciting charitable project HERE. Good luck and let's all spread the love!

PART 1 by Elena Vosnaki

Miss Dior is a young WASP exchange student coming to Paris for studies and staying with a French family. Her new life opening up for her is so thrilling with promise of the Passion she has only read about and general excitement. It's her Secret Fantasy that she can find her True Love there.

Every morning as she wakes up to witness the Pale Grey Mountain, Small Black Lake in the horizon behind her window, she can barely contain her Ex`cla-ma`tion!

Everything looks old but sorta new to her American eyes, polished to a refined sophistication she relishes with the hunger of a teenager raised in suburbia.

One early spring morning on the Avenue Montaigne she bumps into her secret crush from the university: the dashing dark Angel who has enslaved the entire female community with his piercingly icy eyes and Signature Mysterious airs about him. He's always side by side with his accomplice in love crimes, a bespectacled Man In Black. Who are these Chaps? None of her friends know, much as she has pressed them for information. This chance encounter sounds like the perfect opportunity to observe him in close quarters for a little while as he's buying Macaron and Lait de Chèvre at the small deli on the southeastern corner.

What an unfortunate thing that she was holding her cup of Cappuccino with her grip rather more loosely than desired.... All it takes is one awkward twist of her shoulder handbag bumping onto a passerby and she ends up splashing Hot coffee all over him!!! Ouch, that must have hurt, and her humiliation makes her Desire for a Man evaporate on the spot! What could be her Saving Grace now that she has clumsily messed with her chances at an elegant pass?

PART 2 by Sofia Shang

Just when she is so worried about her clumsiness, it seems the Coffee stain would be the least worrisome to him at the moment. Because there came Miss Charming, with her Sparkling Attitude and her Charm wrapped up nicely by her tailored La Petite Robe Noire; she is the Mediterranean Breeze any Boy in this university would dream to have. Not him though, because he knows that little Miss Charming is actually Pure Poison. So he whispered something in Miss Dior's ear, grabbed her and started to run...

PART 3 by Stefanie Jähn

"Take off those stupid Red Heels and run for God's sake!" he shouts in a grim Voice and hushes her out of the deli with the Belle Furieuse in their wake. Heading down High Street he shoves her In[to] The Library. Hidden behind giant Bookshelves, both try to catch their Breaths.

Miss Dior looks to her Nude feet and feels sick for the loss of those beloved shoes:

"You know, Shoes Are A Girl's Best Friend, right?! Do you have any Idea how expensive they were?!"

"No, I don't, and honestly, I don't give a Holy Shit about your stupid shoes right now!" And adds only in his mind "I've only Eyes For You!"

"Whoa, are you serious?! Who are you anyway?" Though infuriated she is still charmed by that sparkle of mystery in his Blue Eyes.

"My name is Bond, James Bond 007."

PART 4 by John Biebel

And who is this fresh French Linden Blossom of a man, raised in the Fresh mountain air of the Alps, by a Loving mother who knitted by a Lustrous Fire in winter and slaved doing Laundry to keep the family fed. His wholesomeness was like a White Flame in the darkness of Miss Dior 's imagination. He would chop down Aspen trees for kindling, hike Between Mountains and dream of a   Perfect Life, not alone, but with a companion. Would she be City Girl from Paris? Or someone more Innocent, like himself? Sometimes he wondered if he was destined to Roam alone in his Precious Forest. He couldn't know that the Girl with the shoes was the object of his Dreams, could he?


Conclude the story in a reply HERE by March 1st, 2017 for your chance to win a bottle of Roses for Autism's Ardent Rose, shipped anywhere in the world, free! The winner will be notified by Fragrantica private message. Happy Valentine's Day from Fragrantica and Roses for Autism!

Ardent Rose

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The best contribution I can give is my debut romance novel, which went live today on --ebook. Please do read
Secret Desires, which speaks to anyone starting over and looking to find lasting love.


Elena Vosnaki, our wonderful Greek editor, is responsible for this clever concept : )

drugstore classics
drugstore classics

Who comes up with these creative, funny, and delightful ideas??? Such a clever concept!

Plus, what a terrific way to promote public awareness of Roses for Autism's organization and all that they do.

Big thumbs up! Thank you for giving my Valentine's Day a SMILE. :D


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