Fragrance Reviews ALTAIA: Don't Cry For Me

ALTAIA: Don't Cry For Me

03/17/17 18:12:54 (One comment)

by: Evgeniya Chudakova

In a rush for the new launches, we sometimes miss certain fragrances with the thought "I'll try it later" justifying it with the fact that "this brand is covered by a colleague / the composition is out of my interest / I imagine what it could smell like etc." What's important is that this "later", without some influence, can never come. It arrived to me with ALTAIA — it seems, what don't we know about it? But at the presentation held in Moscow I realized that I was trying these fragrances thoroughly for the first time. 

Altaia collection

If a similar thought occurred to you, too, then it's a good idea to seek out these fragrances: there is something for those who love transparent flowery compositions with good textures (Don't Cry For Me and By Any Other Name), for the fans of bright orange flowers (in Yu Son), for lovers of cedar-peppery accords (in Ombú that recalls light Blackpepper).

The story behind the brand can be found in an amazing interview by Sergey when ALTAIA was launched in Florence, at Pitti Fragranze 2015. 

In the collection (in spite of Sebastian's promise for six fragrances by the end of 2016) is four compositions. About the newest one, OMBÚ, we also have the review by Sergey. And I will tell you about one of the first three — Don`t Cry For Me.

 Don't Cry For Me bottle

"Don`t Cry For Me is after the famous song of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, and it's a very direct memory of mine. Though it's not my favorite melody of theirs, the line is perfect.

The perfume is very specific: In Argentina from November til the end of February, bundles of jasmine bloom in the streets where vendors sell it, so in humid air the jasmine smell is everywhere. It`s the smell of a Buenos Aires summer, one which I miss so much. That`s the smell of my memories about my Motherland and about the city where I was born."

— Sebastian Alvarez Murena in the interview to Sergey Borisov.

Sebastian Alvarez Murena and Marina Sersale

The fact that Don`t Cry For Me was the contribution to the brand's DNA from Sebastian's side becomes clear at the very first glance at him. Actually, signore Murena's portrait is the best illustration for the fragrance's beautiful, calm and relaxed composition that is filled with the kindness of the smile, the calmness of the elegant manners and the wisdom of attentive eyes.

This is a very slow perfume that you won't appreciate while doing "very urgent and important things." It's designed to wear at the beginning of the day when you can just sit in the sunlight and talk to local cats through windows opened to a summer morning. 

Don`t Cry For Me is the combination of just two accords: firstly the green-flowery one that creates an illusion of summer air; and in a dozen minutes — the other one, musky-flowery, that makes you believe that it's just your skin that smells of jasmine. But these are two ideally simple and harmonious accords with many minor shades contributing to the ideal interpretation of a real memory. 

When it's necessary to tell what Don`t Cry For Me smells like, the first (after fruitless attempts to split it into components in a way that the scent description becomes clear) is the desire to tell that it smells of jasmine. But it isn't true. It smells of the air that smells of jasmine. And besides jasmine there's a warmth of sunshine in this air, the color and volume of a bright summer sky; there is the calm of a white curtain pierced by sun rays and the comfort of a white tablecloth, lightened by the same sun; and there is a delicate whisper of green jasmine shrubs under the window when they say goodbye to the morning dew, turning their heads to the new hot day.

This fragrance's main ability is (with the help of sunlight) to make anyone, anywhere, believe that behind the window there is a wealthy Argentinian summer blooming with jasmine and breathing with comfort and ease.

jasmine tea

Photo: ALTAIA, «Солинг», Fotolia

Evgeniya Chudakova

Executive Editor

Evgeniya studied French and English phylology at the  Linguistic University of Pyatigorsk. 

In 2013 she joined the Fragrantica team as an author and editor. In 2015 she became  Executive Editor of

At this time, Evgeniya resides in Moscow.

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I have tried this and liked it. It is nice but maybe not worth the high price tag. I really don't mind paying a high price if it is original and speaks of luxury. Not sure this does that. I will pull out my sample again and give it another whirl.


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