New Fragrances Essence We Are Collection: We Are... Lovely Eau de Toilette

Essence We Are Collection: We Are... Lovely Eau de Toilette

01/11/17 09:40:35 (One comment)

by: Sandra Raicevic Petrovic


essence we are collection

 ESSENCE launches the new spring collection WE ARE just before Valentine’s Day and it includes the We Are... Lovely Eau de Toilette, as well as several make up products celebrating love and friendship in the same spirit.

"We are … friends forever! We are in love with friendship – are you too? Then celebrate with us on valentine's day all your unique friendships. A perfect-bff-look thanks to various reds combined with cool gray. The absolute highlights are the matt lipsticks in a beautiful heart shape and the sweet cosmetic bag in the shape of lips. Together forever - with essence!"

essence we are collection

Essence We Are... Lovely allures a younger audience that likes gourmand-fruity-floral fragrances with an attractive blend of notes. The top notes highlight juicy cranberry, strawberry and nashi pear; the heart of the composition provides an exotic touch by mixing floral shades of lily of the valley, hibiscus, forget-me-not and coconut, resting on a base of sandalwood, almonds, candied sugar and musk.  

essence we are lovely


edition 2017

cranberry, strawberry, nashi pear
lily of the valley, hibiscus, coconut, forget-me-not
sandalwood, almonds, candied sugar, musk


The Essence We Are collection was presented on the official website of the Essence brand and is already available for sale (depending on the country and region the collection will be launched between January and February 2017).  

essence we are collection

The collection ESSENCE WE ARE contains:

essence we are... amazing;  creamy eyeshadow pen
essence we are...perfect;  dip eyeliner ultra black &waterproof
essence we are..,crazy;  false lashes
essence we are...flawless; contouring lipliner
essence we are...fabulous; velvet matt lipstick
essence we are...awesome; multicolor blush
essence we love; nail polish
essence we are...funny;  lip bag
essence we are...lovely; 10ml EDT



Sandra Raicevic Petrovic

Sandra Raičević Petrović

Fragrantica Executive Editor, Writer and Designer

[email protected]


Translation: Ina_Mo


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My favorite Essence makeup product is their Pure Nude highlighting powder. It gives the skin a natural glow finish.


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