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Fragrantica's Miguel Matos and Eddie Bulliqi Nominated for Perfumed Plume Awards

03/23/17 20:15:54 (6 comments)

by: Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison

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Following on the heels of Miguel Matos' two nominations for Fragrance Foundation awards for Editorial Excellence, today we are excited to congratulate Miguel Matos and Eddie Bulliqi for their nominations for 2017 Perfumed Plume awards.

Like the Fragrance Foundation awards, writers from around the globe submitted fragrance stories for consideration and the distinguished judging panel carefully evaluated all elements of the criteria and voted accordingly. The Perfumed Plume announced the finalists in various categories, voted upon by an independent panel of judges whose ballots were tabulated by the outside accounting firm, Sperduto Spector & Company. The 2017 finalists were determined by the highest percentage scores received based on the criteria for each category.

The winners will be revealed on April 6 at the awards ceremony & celebration in their honor at the Society of Illustrators, New York City.

In addition, Bad Girls Perfume. Tips and Tales, written by Sarah Colton, will receive the 2017 Fragrance Book award which is presented at the discretion of the Perfumed Plume Awards Consulting Committee.

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One of the 2017 Perfumed Plume Finalists for Scent Stories in Mainstream Media - Digital (Magazines, Blog Postings, Webzines) is Eddie Bulliqi's Revival culture. Click me to view the original article. Here is an excerpt:


Bottle of vintage fragrance

Where do you find the practice of revival in perfumery, nowadays? Revival is not an easy term to negotiate; whilst it might intersect with ideas of reference, appropriation, even plagiarism, the most important facet of revival’s meaning is its activity. Revival cannot be passive – it is always conscious, living, reacting, influencing, and material, as is implicit in its derivation. In perfumery, whilst referencing other perfumes, styles, and notes could be considered a foundational practice to the development and understanding of the medium (with two specific perfumes, Houbigant’s Fougère Royale and Coty’s Chypre, actually going on to title the fragrance families Fougère and Chypre), the desire to consciously revive (be it fragrance effects or brand values) is fairly recent. Revival is a demonstration by its instigator that the quality being revived has preserved, relevant, and current value. Revival must also always take place in a new future context; revival is never revisionist.

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In the category "'Science of Scent' Stories in Mainstream Media - Magazines/ Newspapers/Digital", Miguel Matos is nominated for his article Oud Nihal: Memory and Legacy of the Terenzi Family. Click me to view the original article. Here is an excerpt:

Oud Nihal: Memory and
Legacy of the Terenzi Family

Perfume has an intimate relation with a question of time. Perfume is not immortal, therefore it deals with the finite nature of itself as a work of art that develops over time and decays with the passage of time. By spraying a fragrance, we are spending it and putting a limit to our experience of it. Each drop we use is one less drop we have. The more pleasure we get from perfume, the more we know that the end is near. This is especially true in the case of a vintage perfume or a limited edition. Still, if we don't use the perfume inside that bottle, it will never live. It will remain dormant until eventually, it turns and disappears.

This question of time and perfume is interesting in the case of a vintage fragrance. There is a memory attached to it. And each time we wear this vintage, memories become alive, feelings once lost come back. And yes, there is a limit. A time when it will evaporate and the memory can no longer be triggered in liquid form, leaving us with the memory that exists only imprinted in our brain and heart. And even that fades.


While I am pondering the nature of perfume and memory, I find a perfect example for what I am thinking about: Tiziana Terenzi's exclusive work for Harrods called Oud Nihal.

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We congratulate both Eddie and Miguel along with all of the 2017 finalists for their dedication to the celebration of fragrance through journalism.

You can view all of Miguel's writing by clicking HERE. Help us congratulate Miguel in a comment below!

You can view all of Eddie's writing by clicking HERE. Help us congratulate Eddie in a comment below!


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Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison

Managing Editor & Columnist

Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison’s journalism in the fragrance industry has appeared in international print and online publications such as PlayboyMen’s JournalMen’s Health and the New York Times. Marlen is also a regular contributor to and works as a graduate professor, thesis advisor and faculty supervisor for MA programs in TESOL, Education, Writing and Literature. Learn more about Marlen by visiting:


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Congratulations, guys! Very well deserved.


Congratulations to both writers. Well written, interesting articles.


Fantastic news! Your articles are thoroughly enjoyable.


I always enjoy such well written articles. Congratulations to both of you!!


Congratulations to Miguel and Eddie!! I am so proud to work with you in one team! :-))))


What? Another Miguel? Wow this is your year!!
What a great year for Fragrantica too!! Clap clap !!


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