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Giovanna Antonelli Parfums

02/15/17 08:49:46 (8 comments)

by: Miguel Matos


Let me tell you a tale of how the worlds of celebrity and niche perfumery get mixed and turned around to a great effect. Follow me from Portugal to Brazil and France for the birth of an amazing and new brand of perfumes called Giovanna Antonelli Parfums.

Giovanna Antonelli

Giovanna Antonelli

Giovanna Antonelli is a Brazilian superstar. A very talented actress and an artist that the public from South America and Portugal has followed over the years. She is arguably one of the most beautiful actresses from Brazil and she appears in a large number of soap operas (telenovelas) which are always a success. But even though she is more known for her work in soap operas, having received numerous best actress prizes for her roles in novelas such as Laços de Família, O Clone, Avassaladoras, Viver a Vida, Salve Jorge, Em Família, A Regra do Jogo, among others, she also does cinema and theater.

Giovanna Antonelli

Giovanna Antonelli is seen by the public as a symbol of talent, beauty and elegance. Away from the lights and cameras, she is very active in the beauty products industry, launching a line of nail polishes, opening a cosmetic center and creating a jewelry line under her own name. After turning 40, she felt she should step it up a notch and create a fragrance line. But instead of seeing it as a common celebrity brand, she subverted the game and ended up with a niche line bearing a celebrity name.

Instagram Gioanto

Giovanna Antonelli Instagram

Giovanna Antonelli and the beauty products bearing her name

Giovanna gave her name to a nail polish line, a beauty clinic and a jewelry collection before creating her own perfume brand.

Giovanna Antonelli Parfums was born from a partnership between the actress and the Franco-Brazilian fragrance company Courtois/Mourot. Together they created a trio of astonishing scents (you can take my word for it, I am wearing one now). A trio of famous perfumers were selected from the house of Mane, located near Grasse, in order to interpret Giovanna's vision of her first perfume collection: Karine Dubreuil, Cecile Matton and Mathilde Bijaoui. 411 Intenso, 611 Extremo and 811 Absoluto: three glamorous fragrances that express all facets of this enchanting beauty from Rio de Janeiro, inspired by the Parisian aura of chic and elegance.

Karine Dubreuil, Cecile Maton and Mathilde Bijaoui

Giovanna loves France. Unconditionally. She is also fascinated by the mysterious universe of the masters perfumers. So when Courtois/Mourot Parfums offered to create a fragrance in her image and within the frames of art, she did not hesitate to embark on this new olfactory adventure. She had only one demand: high quality and no constrains. Letting emotions guide her, the actress created three intense, sensual and sophisticated fragrances that are easy to wear for niche followers but also accessible to the less “perfumista” noses. The collection is an homage to Paris, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, her elected cities. Giovanna also wished to associate her lucky number, 11, with these scents. That's how the names were born: 411 Intenso, 611 Extremo and 811 Absoluto.

Giovana Antonelli Parfums collection



411 Intenso Bottle

Inspired by the timeless glamour of the Palais Royal in Paris and the fashion and culture it holds inside, Giovanna Antonelli and perfumer Karine Dubreuil imagined a classic green floral chypre. "Giovanna evoked a woman in love with beauty, feminine, a little theatrical, who loves beautiful things and appropriates them by modernizing. For me, her perfume should be a floral chypre," says Karine Dubreuil.

411 Intenso bottle

Top Notes: Bergamot, Pepper, Chamomile

Middle Notes: Sambac Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Transparent Peony

Base Notes: Patchouli, Amber, Vetiver, Sandalwood

My review: Lovers of timeless stunning chypres brace yourselves, for this is everything you could ask for and even more. I'll just throw a few names and you will understand the lineage where this perfume comes from. Chanel nº19, Givenchy III, YSL Y, Jacomo Silences, Jean Louis Scherrer... Do I have your attention now? 411 Intenso gathers all of these verdant queens and updates them in an absolutely mesmerizing composition. I see that this is the year of great green chypres and 411 Intenso has immediately captured my heart. In fact I am so crazy about it that it has turned into a signature for the past few weeks. That's how good it is. Having a big perfume collection, it's very rare that I find myself wearing a scent 4 days in a row and 411 got me doing this. I know I am raving about it but you will too if you are my people.

The official notes of this composition don't capture the entire scope of the scent. My nose tells me that there is also a significant amount of galbanum, lily of the valley and oak moss inside this bottle. And I know that this might seem a little old school for many of you. Well, it is a referential perfume and an intellectual one, yes, but it manages to update the classic green chypre accords by adding peony, a flower that imparts a great transparency to the formula. I usually run away from anything that has peony in it but here it works, acting more like a functional raw material, rather that catching the lights of the stage. Instead, it modernizes the whole thing, making it appealing for a contemporary consumer while still being a classic chypre of past decades' inspiration.



611 Extremo bottle

The inspiration for this perfume comes from Rio's Botanical Garden in the heart of the city. With majestic trees, plants and collections of rare orchids, it is a haven of peace not far from the vibrant beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana. A true nature lover, Giovanna wanted to dedicate a perfume to this extraordinary green lung where she likes to walk with her children. This olfactive depiction was made by perfumer Cecile Matton.

611 Extremo

Top Notes: Rhubarb, Pear, Bergamot.

Middle Notes: Tubverose, Egyptian Jasmine, Hawthorn.

Base Notes: Licorice, Iris, Benzoin, Vanilla

My review: A true floriental, a real example of the style. It has all the spicy elements and the resinous ones that a floriental should have. Top and bottom adorn the heart of white flowers. A full scenario of sweet, tart, ambery, vanillic surrounds a warm and tender tuberose in the center, complemented with jasmine. Cecile Matton is an intriguing perfumer, for she always puts something unusual in her perfumes without making it too disturbing. Here it's the boozy facet in the top notes with rhubarb that bridges into the base notes of licorice and unites everything seamlessly along the floral development. There is an omnipresent sweetness in 611 Extremo. Benzoin and vanilla seem to create a melting sensation here. It gets a bit gourmand but never too sugary. It may not be an extremely original perfume in its style but it is still very interesting and masterfully blended to perfection. Here and then I get whiffs of tobacco, but the drydown is pure vanilla tender dust with warm and musky tones.



811 Absoluto Bottle

A gigantic urban jungle, São Paulo is a creative and cosmopolitan city that is open to the world: a tropical New York. Sampa, as its inhabitants call it, has a wonderful vitality mixed with "dolce vita". Giovanna wanted to celebrate this reinvented epicurean.

811 Absoluto

Top Notes: Bergamot, Pepper, Clove, Lavender

Middle Notes: Green Accord, Jasmine, Honey, Balsamic Notes

Base Notes: Musk, Vanilla, Amber, Patchouli

My review: Again, a classic oriental with every bit of elegance inside. Shalimar. Habanita. L'Origan... Another noble lineage of classic French perfumery references is summoned in this glorious and opulent composition by perfumer Mathilde Bijaoui. Spicy, powdery, ambery, balsamic. When I spray this fragrance, it's like liquid amber infused with spices and honey is falling on my skin. It feels thick, rich and glistening with golden lights. For the lovers of hardcore orientals this is bliss. 811 Absoluto is one of those cozy orientals that feels like a warm blanket, a resinous perfume full of peppery nuances and sweet embraces. Clove is a very important part here, and when it comes in the top notes hand in hand with a transparent honey, it makes every winter seem less cold. Cloves are present throughout all the development and they are carefully dosed. They feel spicy, sweet, balsamic and they are the link between all the other notes. That's when you may think of Coty's L'Origan or even L'Heure Bleue. But then there is a vanillic powdery environment that connects with bergamot and it may recall Shalimar. When you spray it all day, sometimes there is a tonka and tobacco scent that brings to mind Habanita. Now this is not to say that it isn't an original perfume. It is truly unique but also it doesn't deny a perfume culture, a vintage inspiration, an educated nose, knowing all the references from the history of perfumery. And it ends up being much more than the sum of its parts. Sensual, hedonistic, indulgent, I love it.

Materials and inspirations

All the perfumes of the Giovanna Antonelli brand have the same kind of behaviour of performance on my skin. They all have great openings of explosive character and mature, solid hearts. But the fragrances are not loud, they are not powerhouses. Instead, they last long but only insinuating themselves. You know they are there but you only get regular whiffs. After 3 hours they stand close to the skin, feeling fleeting but present in a sophisticated way. It's a polite sillage, not an overwhelming one as we might think by looking at the list of notes. One last word for the bottles: they are sleek, simple and minimalistic, bearing a marvelous spray that delivers a long and generous cloud. This is a very important though small detail that feels tactile and brings an extra experience when using the perfumes. All the materials and pieces of these products are entirely made in France.


All in all, I think that this is a very promising line. Giovanna Antonelli proves to be smart when choosing the perfumers she wanted to work with and the final compositions are extremely cult, meaning that they demonstrate a whole perfume knowledge behind them instead of crazy concepts. Classic French perfumery applied to tropical settings and a worldly attitude. I am clapping for this.

The Giovanna Antonelli Parfums line is going to be launched in Lisbon, Portugal, at the end of March in an exclusive event at Embassy Niche Perfumery where they will be available for the first time. After that, they will be distributed throughout specialized niche perfume stores in Europe. The arrival of the brand in Brazil is yet to be scheduled.

The fragrances come in 100ml bottles of eau de parfum concentration for thre price tag of 150 EUR each.

Miguel Matos is a Portuguese journalist obsessed with perfume. Miguel likes to see himself as a fragrance curator, investigating perfume as contemporary art. He directs his own cultural magazine, Umbigo, and writes texts for museums and galleries. He is a vintage perfume collector and organizes regular talks called Vintage Perfume Sniffing and Olfatto L'Amore. Honorable member of the International Perfume Bottle Association. He did workshops for brands such as Versace, Grès, Roger & Gallet and Florescent. He also writes on beauty and grooming for He is a Fragrantica writer, translator and editor 

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Giovanni Antonelli is by far a Great actress with such elegance and beauty... she is well deserving of a fragrance line! And its Unisexual #Unisex yes!
These Perfumes should be a hit for her and I hope they give us the opportunity to be able to get the 611 and the 811, they got my attention! Fabulous article and tribute to a Brazilian Beaut! Miguel Matos Visionary'


A soap opera celeb perfume for 150EUR a pop... good luck to her.


Sounds wonderful!


Por essa eu não esperava! Tomara que não sejam muitos caros ou difíceis de obter.

Angela Agiannidou
Angela Agiannidou

I love it when a talented beautiful woman puts effort and passion to create something gorgeous and accessible. Iam curious about this line but I was totally intrigued by 811 Absoluto. And it is full of all the things I adore!!!! WANT!


The name of the perfumes on the bottles bothered me..... too much information.... maybe the font type are sort of tacky... anyway, Im really curious.


Great review, Miguel. These sound fantastic. Love the presentation.


Wow! That review of 411 got me intrigued!
Very curious about this line. I love Giovanna's work and style. Looking foward to test these fragrances on Embassy!


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