Columns Gold – Symbol of Prestige, Wealth and Power

Gold – Symbol of Prestige, Wealth and Power

07/06/08 01:15:20

by: Sandra Raičević Petrović

Gold... Oro, Goud, Or, Arany, Gulden, Zoloto, Zlato, Emas…. (Sanskrit: Jval, Anglo – Saxon: gold, Latin: aurum).
Whatever you name it, gold is the metal that evokes avidity and craving by most people, no matter the size of the golden piece concerned. Its chemical symbol is Au, which derives from Latin Aurum, which means "shiny dawn."

It was named after Roman goddess Aurora, who was the goddess of dawn, bringing warm, golden-yellow colors into dawns.

Gold and copper are the only two metals which are not colored white. They are also the only ones that were discovered by humans, around 5,000 B.C., together with silver. These three metals were found in Earth's crust.

Egypt is important in the history of knowing and processing gold. Documents dating back to 2,500 B.C. were found in Egyptian tombs and they describe the processes of getting quartz and purifying gold in details.

Maps of areas where mining around 1,350-1,330 B.C. took place were also found. Gold from mines of the Nubian desert was exploited. Stone swords with gilded handles were discovered.

Gold was found in the so-called "gold-bearing streams,“ in their gravel, from which small pieces and gold nuggets were mined with sheepskins.

Gold was in gold-bearing sand which was formed by the dissolution of gold-bearing rocks, by erosion with natural waters. Sheepskins were submerged into water, and particles of gold then clung to the sheep skin. This gold is called self-bearing gold. This process is still in use today, but has been improved: it is performed with mercury or by cyanide process.

There is also a legend on the golden fleece, Jason and Argonauts, who are in pursuit of a sheepskin covered with gold particles, and their journeys to Colchis or Georgia and the theft of the precious fleece.

Men have always seen gold as a precious and very expensive metal. Gold has an excellent chemical stability with a high resistance to corrosion and oxidation.

Golden money, which appeared in Lydia, Little Asia, 2,500 years ago, is also very important. The technique of coining money was transferred from that powerful country to Persia and Greece. Enormous gold statues of gods were coined together with money. The largest statue was dedicated to the goddess Ree and it weighed almost 250 tons. The person in charge of it was Semiramis, an Assyrian queen known for ordering golden statues of gods.

Gold was also used as decoration for important books, ornaments, churches and other buildings, temples, picture frames and other things.

Fascinating treasuries of the Knights of Templar and treasuries of American peoples (Mayas, Incas and Aztecs) who were killed by Spanish conquerors in order to get their gold, are also mentioned in history. A large part of that stolen gold still lies on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, where it arrived after shipwrecks and pirate attacks.

Buildings very popular for their architecture and a touch of gold are Kremlj in Moscow, Russia, where church cupolas were molten in gold, then Wat Phra Kaeo temple in Bangkok, Thailand and, of course, newer architectural achievements, like the Metropolitan Opera, New York. Reflective gold is used more and more and it creates golden skyscrapers, which fit in into modern metropoles perfectly (Royal Bank Plaza, Canada, Toronto, has 77,7 kg of gold in itself).

The history of humanity has produced more than 100,000 tons of gold, which is only a small part, given that the earth's crust contains another 100 billion ton, according to some estimations.

Gold is one of the heaviest metals, with 19.3 density. One gram of gold can produce a 3 km long string. Coining or rolling can produce 0.0001mm thin gold leaves, which under colored light have a yellow color, but are green in diffusive light. It is among the metals with the lowest resistance to chemical influence and this is why it is called precious metal. Neither acids nor alkali have an impact on it.

The base of monetary systems of almost all countries is gold. Large amounts of it stand outside of traffic, i.e. they are kept in bank safes, as support to paper money and in order to form gold reserves.

Its purity is expressed in carats. The purest gold has 24 carats. It is mixed with other metals, like silver, platinum, palladium, copper and nickel...

It has been used in electronics lately, because of its conductivity and consistency, especially in computer and telecommunication technology. It is also present in aviation and cosmic technology, medicine and dentistry. Gold is still being mined in over 60 countries across the world. The largest natural gold nugget (112 kg) was found in 1869 in Australia.

People value gold and wear it as jewelry: rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches...

The color of gold stands for luxury and wealth. It has been used in jewelry since ancient times, even before it was used as a means of payment. The earliest gold pieces of jewelry originate from 3,000 B.C. from the Sumerian civilization, when people were skillful in creating decorative objects and both men and women wore jewelry. Gold rings, especiallywedding rings, have been a tradition since the 19th century but date back to the time of ancient Egyptians. The ring was put on the second smallest finger of the left hand, since it was believed that this finger contains an artery leading directly to the heart.

The color of gold is increasingly present in fashion. It symbolizes luxury and prestige and gives a classy look to objects and accessories.

Perfumes which have been presented lately and which are designed in gold nuances are Donna Karan -Gold – wrapped with power, attractiveness and warmth, Guess - Gold – modern and juicy, Agent Provocateur - Maitresse – seductive, provocative and very casual in the same time. Perfumes with luxurious bottle and unique design, decorated with this proud colour are: Versace-Jeans Couture Woman , Roberto Cavalli – Oro and Roberto Cavalli - Serpentine, Armani - She, Emporio Armani for Her 2008 - anniversary edition, YSL – Cinema Gold, Givenchy - Organza, Estee Lauder - Youth Dew, Torrente - L`Or de Torrente...

Perfumes arriving from Arabic countries usually have gold details and ornaments of this rich culture. I would like to point out the house of Al Rehab, with its lovely bottles like from Scheherezade's 1001 Nights, as well as the perfume Amouage Gold, which is shaped like a luxurious palace. Most bottles which are created today are designed in glass, with golden ornaments or inscriptions on the top. Gold glitters with a warm shine, and everything that glitters and is also expensive is always eye-capturing and attractive for one's ego.

The latest editions which were touched by gold in a certain way are Comme des Garcons - 8 88 , and Ineke - Evening Edged In Gold.

Comme de Garcons, a Niche brand, presented their new perfume named 8 88, after their lucky number, in March 2008. Perfumers wanted to achieve the very scent of gold, or to find an olfactive wave which would be associated with gold. The perfume was designed by Antoine Lie of Givaudan, and she added a special molecule named Safraline, extracted from saffron.

This innovative ingredient is also accompanied with notes of pepper wood, coriander, geranium and exotic flower Curcuma--Siamese tulip. Amber, incense and patchouli wrap the whole composition. (See pictures here).

The bottle has the same shape as Comme des Garcons, but is colored in white and covered with red and gold numbers 8 88. It is available as a 50 ml EDP. (wikipedia on Comme des Garcons)

After four fragrances which arrived to the market in 2006, the fifth perfume arrives-- Evening Edged in Gold, which represents letter E in the inspirationally-named alphabetic collection of Ineke. (A--After My Own Heart; B--Balmy Days & Sundays, C--Chemical Bonding, D--Derring Do).  E is a prefix of elegance and evening as notes for going out in the evening, inspired by intoxicating night flowers.

This perfume house, the founder and perfumer of which is Ineke Ruhland, is based in San Francisco. Young Ineke is inspired by gold this time and she created this perfume with a touch and scent which are associated with this optimistic colour.

The perfume Evening Edged in Gold opens with fragrant light notes of plum and golden osmanthus. The heart of the fragrance introduces a tide of Angel's trumpet, with a hint of saffron and cinnamon, while the base notes introduce an intoxicating night flower named Midnight Candy (zaluzianskya capensis), with accords of dark wood and leather.

The bottle is the same as its previous editions, with illusory drawings and a gold label. The perfume is available as 75ml EDP (2.5 oz) (web site)

Sources : Wikipedia gold,

Photos : gold coin, budha, Kremlj, Golden temple, Bangkok, Golden sword, 888 .

Watch the video Spandau Ballet - GOLD


Author: Sandrina (sandrina_bambina)
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