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Hayari Paris Source Joyeuse No1, No2, No3

03/18/17 07:02:00 (4 comments)

by: Sandra Raicevic Petrovic

hayari paris source joyese

New fragrances from the Hayari perfume line will be first presented at Esxence in Milan from March 23rd – 26th 2017. The Source Joyeuse unisex collection of EDTs exudes brand new energy and style and is created with a special intention, by celebrating sample fabrics that used to be the pride of France - "toile de Jouy". This type of fabric is characteristic for its floral print, landscapes on pale backgrounds, typically used as décor or for luxurious curtains. These fabrics were made at Jouy manufacture in Josas near Versailles and they have symbolized the French art and tradition since the 18th century.

hayari paris source joyese

Nabil Hayari and Hugues Alard decided to create a collection dedicated to the toile de Jouy material and with an eye for every detail, from quality ingredients to the design of the outer cartons and bottles. The fragrances are composed in Grasse, an made "of top quality raw materials carefully selected to follow the high standards of the brand." Stoppers on the flacons have a recognizable design; they repeat the form of the previous editions, while the bottles are designed differently, following the style of the house of Hayari. The outer packaging is very interesting, designed to resemble traditional music boxes. On the inside of the package one can find bright stripes and floral prints, while the outside is black with floral prints in colors of the fragrances' liquid.

What I can say after I first tested them is that they differ from the direction of the previous fragrances by Hayari Paris, and will satisfy the taste of eau de cologne fans who are searching for high quality and sophisticated fragrances they can wear in any occasion.

hayari paris

The compositions of the fragrances contrast with the previous editions; they are refreshing, very wearable, give the impression of cleanliness, and reflect the recent annual renewal of the fashion collection of the brand. Nabil and Hugues envisaged three scenes and constructed new fragrances on them. We will enjoy a sunny day with cool breezes, call for an appetizer and view an idyllic picture of a fragrant garden.




hayari source joyese no1

"Beauty is a bottomless source of joy for those who know where to find it"  - Alexis Carrel

The first fragrance of the collection conveys a scene of a sunny day with nice, cool effects. The composition opens with notes of Brazilian orange, yuzu and lemon, glowing with optimism and energy. Citrus fruits are dominant with elemi in the top notes of the composition. An intense note of cucumber flower offers green-aquatic flavors of the fruit, which cools down along with mint and jasmine flowers. Cedar and musk remain in drydown.

What is interesting and is stated by the brand is that the fragrance highlights "mojito notes" - obtained by a combination of mint and citrus, which provides a cool and relaxing effect of the composition, perfectly matched to airy shades and solar notes.

My impression: Citrus-herbal, very energetic and bitter-sweet-green. Unisex. The most dominant notes are mildly sweet and syrupy citruses prevailing over the composition, while green notes of cucumber and cold mint can be felt clearly among citrus zests. Jasmine does not dominate over floral tones but has shown its cold face. I love citrus scents that do not "run away" quickly from the skin, and this is one of them. A wide aura, vigorous and full of positive energy. Although very intense, at the same time it is airy and relaxing.

hayari paris source joyese no 1



lemon, Brazilian orange, yuzu, elemi
cucumber blossom, mint, jasmine
cedar, musk





hayari source joyese no 2

“True novelty is always born out of the return to the sources”  - Edgar Morin

The second fragrance of the collection is an invitation to an appetizer, designed as a fusion of citrus and star anise to create an aromatic Mediterranean cocktail intensifying green herbal notes of tarragon, basil and anise. In this perfume one can feel a balance of masculine green notes and feminine floral notes of honeysuckle and jasmine, stimulated by the freshness of ozone.

My impression: Tart-herbal. Green. Unisex and somewhat "quieter" than No1. The most prominent are basil, anise and bergamot, with cold and mildly sweet, juicy floral notes. For those who love the style of colognes performed in a modern way. Sophisticated, beautiful, very wearable.

hayari paris source joyese no2



bergamot, tarragon, basil, star anise
ginger blossom, honeysuckle, jasmine
vetiver, grey amber, musk






"Love, a thirsty Source" - Marie Noel

No3 is an ode to a flower garden enriched with scents of fruit. Tartness and energy are provided by bitter orange at the beginning of the composition, combined with tart rhubarb, saffron and immortelle. Fruity notes of the heart come from fig blossom and sweet almonds, followed by black currant blossom, cedar and musk.

My impression: The only distinctly feminine perfume in the collection. Like the first two fragrances of the collection, No3 gives a strong sense of cleanliness and clean lines. Sweet-fruity but not gourmet sweet, like fruit candy, fresh, smooth, coral pink. The fragrance opens with citrusy shades but very quickly irresistible sweet notes of almond become perceptible. This sweetness settles down and remains a fine, fruity flavor of currant. The trail contains a rough note which creates a contrast to the sweetness of the fruit and makes it more luxurious and elegant.

hayari paris source joyese no3



bitter orange, lemon, rhubarb, saffron

immortelle, fig blossom , sweet almonds
cedar, cassis, musk


All those who visit Esxence 2017 will have the chance to test the new collection by Hayari Paris, which is already available on the official website of the brand Each of the fragrance is available as a 70ml Eau de Toilette, and can be purchased at the price of 122 EUR.


Source: Hayari Paris press release


Sandra Raicevic Petrovic

Sandra Raičević Petrović

Fragrantica Executive Editor, Writer and Designer

[email protected]



Traslation: Ina_Mo


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The beverage photos are exquisite.


At the first glance I was... no this is not Paris Hilton then on a second look I saw it is actually Hayari Paris!


I don't really like citrus fragrances on the whole. However there are some that work well for me. I want to try No. 3 with the Rhubarb and Saffron. I love Rhubarb in a perfume.

La DameDeNoir
La DameDeNoir

"Toile de Joye"?

I think you would mean "toile de Jouy".

Besides, I don't see the connection of the Toile de Jouy with the Opera Garnier...


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