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J’Adore Hair Mist

04/19/17 08:30:03 (3 comments)

by: Alena Chudakova

The house of Dior reinterpretes the famous J’Adore fragrance, launching its version in the form of a hair mist, encapsulated in a small bottle.  The fragrant composition was created by in-house Dior perfumer François Demachy. J’Adore Hair Mist possesses a long-term moisturizing effect and the delicate floral smell of J’Adore.

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"J’adore is an extraordinary fragrance because it achieves the feat of being an original signature that is easily appealing. Sensual without being too heavy, it is a composition that brings opposites together, that makes iconic floral notes into an alluring, unique and mysterious ensemble. J’adore invents a flower that doesn't exist, an ideal."  — François Demachy.

J'Adore bottle

The composition of J’Adore Hair Mist fragrant includes fresh and elegant notes of bloody orange, neroli from Grasse and sophisticated notes of Damascena rose. It will be available in flacons of 40 ml. 


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In my opinion it's a way for brands to make more money. The idea is that perfume is "too strong" of a concentration to be sprayed upon hair with "unknown results" e.g. Hair damage, dryness for colored hair (edp has alcohol) etc, and this is what mostly sales ladies will tell you in order to sell the hair mist too.

But, perfumed hair mists is also promoted to teen-young ladies, age:17-20something, who consider the EDP, the EDT and the flankers as well, "too much", whilst at the same time they what to smell like J'adore. They love the scent itself, they love it on others, but they consider it "heavy" on themselves. They are simply untrained on smelling it on them. Perfumes most of the time, except when our skin eats up perfume, smells to us more intensely when WE wear it.
The solution is the hair mist. The L'eau version is also an option but it costs not much less than a 30ml edp, and the hair mist will(?) possibly cost less than a L'eau version. And believe me, I've seen women buying perfumed hair mists for the aforementioned reasons. Only others won't be able to smell it on them...

"J’adore is an extraordinary fragrance because it achieves the feat of being an original signature that is easily appealing. Sensual without being too heavy, it is a composition that brings opposites together, that makes iconic floral notes into an alluring, unique and mysterious ensemble. J’adore invents a flower that doesn't exist, an ideal." — François Demachy.

I have to quote Demachy, and disagree with him, I can't keep my mouth shut
1. Original signature? No freakum way. Simply ask yourselves, was there anytime you smelled J'adore and did not recognize it? (apart from the flankers maybe because they aren't as infamous as the original) It is always J'adore, N5, Light Blue, Coco Mademoiselle and La Vie Est Belle on women. And I can always tell which is which. So enough with the original signature, it smells all the same on all women, always recognizable. If you like it, wear it of course, nobody has the right to talk you out of it, but not for once think that somehow magically J'adore and the rest scents transforms on your skin to the unrecognizable point of "my personal original signature". It's a lie. Only in rare cases the perfumes change badly on the skin e.g. Long time drug users or generally lots of medicine intake.

2. Sensual? The cleanest and the soapiest can't be sensual. World renowned perfumer Demachy is lying for Dior. NO WAY he doesn't know that for a sensual perfume you need a "skankier" composition. Dior himself would want "dirty bits" in the brand's compositions, e.g. The lily of the valley in Diorissimo. J'adore is clean and asexual. Enough with the sh**, I don't accept it from Demachy, and Dior is responsible.

3. I just keep wondering for those opposites...for such a linear scent, there don't seem to be opposites at all.

4. And the last claim: mysterious. Nope. Never. J'adore is never mysterious. J'adore is the opposite of mysterious, it's the sunny, happy, optimistic, very yellow indeed scent. Don't believe that you are any mysterious seductress wearing it, nope. The main reason I stay away from J'adore is the lack of mystery; a woman is ought to have mystery around her, it's inevitable, we are always a mystery, either we want it or not, it's in our nature. Women themselves cannot understand themselves and here comes "the happy all the time monotonous fragrance" to "give a specific identity" to women.

I don't know, maybe I've lost my sh**, but sometimes, some advertisings are blatantly bad and you feel that the brand is tricking and "laughing at" us.
Rant over.


I think it's fantastic that Dior continues to create products for the hair and body inspired by their pillar fragrances. They are one of the few brands who still offer these valuable, luxurious products that consumers always ask for, especially as gifts. These products offer loyal customers pieces of luxury in a smell they are already familiar with, and something like this could be great for someone who loves the scent but is allergic or sensitive on the skin, or perhaps can't wear fragrance at work but can get away with a couple sprays of this. These products serve a very important purpose in the world of luxury the same way Louis Vuitton keychains are as important as their bags, and must not be overlooked.


This isn't me being rude but why is this a thing?
If you're going to pay out for a hair mist just save your money, buy a bigger bottle of the fragrance & spray from arms length into your hair?
Hair mist to me seems another way of making money, I know a few brands have done this & I really don't understand it. But hey, that's just me :)
If you're into it, do you & get it & enjoy :)


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