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Weekly News Roundup: Chanel, Dubai, Perfume Awards and Many ReviewsWeekly News Roundup: Chanel, Dubai, Perfume Awards and Many Reviews

News Roundup 05/22/17 09:44 (2 comments)

Hello, friends! Here I am again, summing up everything good and interesting we published over the last two weeks. Chanel provoked the most passionate discussions on Fragrantica: Kristen Stewart as the face of Chanel's new fragrance Gabrielle has gotten a great deal of attention and led to very polarized comments.   BEAUTY WORLD QUINTESSENCE   We visited The Beauty World exposition in Dubai where niche brands we... (more)

The news from the two passed weeks in short.

Fragrantica News RoundupFragrantica News Roundup

News Roundup 05/08/17 16:31 (2 comments)

I wish you all a great start of the week and would like to remind you of what was popular last week and worth your attention. One of the most popular discussions on Fragrantica has been Substitute Scents: Don't Despair, Pick Something Similar! in which our editors suggest some inexpensive or modern alternatives to desirable or hard to get perfumes. Readers have joined them with more options!   MON GUERLAIN: A WOMAN OR A PERFUME? What is popular on th... (more)

Important fragrance news from the past week.

Weekly News Roundup

Weekly News RoundupNews Roundup 04/30/17 14:51

News you might have missed.

Weekly News Roundup

Weekly News RoundupNews Roundup 04/23/17 21:18

Coming back to over-viewing our news!

Last Two Weeks Of August on Fragrantica

Last Two Weeks Of August on FragranticaNews Roundup 08/29/16 08:36 (3 comments)

We are entering the new season, announced by an increasing number of new launches!

The Last Two Weeks on Fragrantica: Curiouser and Curiouser Presentations

The Last Two Weeks on Fragrantica: Curiouser and Curiouser PresentationsNews Roundup 08/14/16 06:07 (4 comments)

Brands are starting to introduce their creations in the most mysterious ways.

Perfume July Overview

Perfume July OverviewNews Roundup 07/31/16 17:58 (2 comments)

Exclusive new info about recent launches, reminders about popular articles, and a hint at what's to come in autumn, 2016.

Colors and Shapes, Visual Effect is Important

Colors and Shapes, Visual Effect is ImportantNews Roundup 05/27/16 07:48 (One comment)

Many interviews and exciting news of new signatures and new launches from big and small brands.

Weekly Roundup: Truly International

Weekly Roundup: Truly InternationalNews Roundup 05/14/16 14:22 (One comment)

Some details of almost 200 perfumes added to Fragrantica this week.

Floral Scents, Usual and Unusual

Floral Scents, Usual and UnusualNews Roundup 05/08/16 00:17 (One comment)

New perfume house introductions, new perfume destinations, good bargain scents and news about exclusive and luxurious collections...

Summer in Stores, Uber Modern & Timeless Scents

Summer in Stores, Uber Modern & Timeless ScentsNews Roundup 04/30/16 17:01 (5 comments)

Perfume with stories and without even a brief.

A Little Bit Of Everything, Niche, Luxe and Mass

A Little Bit Of Everything, Niche, Luxe and MassNews Roundup 04/23/16 07:41

New and old, affordable and expensive...

Milan, Dusseldorf, and Paris

Milan, Dusseldorf, and ParisNews Roundup 04/18/16 18:25

Our curiosity, irony, tiredness, mistrust or adoration; it all contributes to the development of the art of perfumery.

Weekly Roundup: Unexpected & Desired

Weekly Roundup: Unexpected & DesiredNews Roundup 03/26/16 21:57

A good week for fragrant news last week!

Weekly Roundup: New Authors, Perfumes & EventsWeekly Roundup: New Authors, Perfumes & Events

03/05/16 15:02 (10 comments)


New Perfumes



Eau de Cologne Ekstaz (О-де-Колонъ Экстаз)Brocard
Eau de Cologne Ekstaz (О-де-Колонъ Экстаз)

Eau de Cologne Bodrost' (О-де-Колонъ Бодрость)Brocard
Eau de Cologne Bodrost' (О-де-Колонъ Бодрость)

Eau de Cologne Imperial (О-де-Колонъ Имперiаль)Brocard
Eau de Cologne Imperial (О-де-Колонъ Имперiаль)

Eau de Cologne Anti-Stress (О-де-Колонъ Анти-стресс)Brocard
Eau de Cologne Anti-Stress (О-де-Колонъ Анти-стресс)

Neroli a la Cardamome du GuatemalaChopard
Neroli a la Cardamome du Guatemala

Vetver d'Haiti au The VertChopard
Vetver d'Haiti au The Vert

Vanille de MadagascarChopard
Vanille de Madagascar

Magnolia Au Vetiver du HaitiChopard
Magnolia Au Vetiver du Haiti

Jette 7Flowers PeonyJette Joop
Jette 7Flowers Peony

Dirty GingerHeretic Parfums
Dirty Ginger

Elfe RougeLes Contes
Elfe Rouge

Bonheur Pour HommeLes Contes
Bonheur Pour Homme

Leather CopperLalique
Leather Copper

Aromatics Elixir PremierClinique
Aromatics Elixir Premier

VIII Rococo MagnoliaClive Christian
VIII Rococo Magnolia

VIII Rococo ImmortelleClive Christian
VIII Rococo Immortelle

Rose GalanteGelle Freres
Rose Galante

Lys AudacieuxGelle Freres
Lys Audacieux

Miss Dior Eau de Parfum (2017)Christian Dior
Miss Dior Eau de Parfum (2017)

Magnolia BohemeGelle Freres
Magnolia Boheme

Fleur d`Or EnjoueeGelle Freres
Fleur d`Or Enjouee

Ylang Ylang FatalGelle Freres
Ylang Ylang Fatal

Cristal Royal RosePrincesse Marina De Bourbon
Cristal Royal Rose

Coastal Cypress & Sea FennelMolton Brown
Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel

Profumo Dei SogniCollistar
Profumo Dei Sogni

SunshineNovae Plus

Flower BudNovae Plus
Flower Bud

Morning DewsNovae Plus
Morning Dews

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