Raw Materials OUD SERIES: Rolling In The Deep Without Adele

OUD SERIES: Rolling In The Deep Without Adele

02/18/14 14:42:37 (4 comments)

by: Jordan River

Clearly I was premature in my collector’s item assessment last week of RealOud. Let’s call RealOud an excellent Reference Oud for training your nose. There is also an iteration called RealOud Feral which is an accurate name; this is scent spoor.

I swiped a drop of this onto the hand of fellow writer, Kimberley from Happiness Blindspot, who said:

"There’s an animal on my hand."

This animal comes complete with other spoor markings including warm droppings and broken foliage. If you love this you will be rolling in the deep without Adele.

I could leave the review there, as I have never smelt a panther’s lair, but I imagine this is what panther lair smells like. In Greek mythology panthers do not hunt. They emit a sweet smell to attract their prey and then pounce. RealOud Feral skips the sweet part of the legend and just pounces. I think that the perfumer David Falsberg may have had a hard time deciding whether to call this one feral or rank. I would have gone with rank but I guess that means David will be using that word another time.

Commentator Marcus Aurelio is very wary of anything marketed as Oud. His expectation is…

"I want to hear the roar of the beast."
Marcus Aurelio

Marcus, this one is for you and it contains Bengali Oud.

In Indonesia, Oud Artist Muhammad Taftazani of Agarwood Indonesia is saying:

"David Falsberg of Phoenicia Perfume had sent me his artwork. The RealOud Feral, it surely has the classic Indian type of smell, the fecal smell, the leathery smell and the ripe smell of plum are there. It is simply a great symphony of scent especially to those who are oud enthusiast, the RealOud Feral is the closest oud perfume to dehn al oud that it can get, especially the Indian ones."
Muhammad Taftazani, Agarwood Indonesia


All bottles of RealOud Feral have been macerating for two years with Bengali Oud, Rose, Jasmine, Amber Accord and Musk, all naturals. They are signed and numbered as this is limited edition release of 35 bottles.

Each bottle is numbered and signed off by the perfumer David Falsberg

Each of the 35 bottles of RealOud Feral are numbered and signed off by the perfumer David Falsberg

$70 for 5 ml or $15 for a sample.
Phoenicia Perfumes—website

If are happy in the feral neck of the woods then you could smell what David has done with some vintage skunk quills found in a farmer’s barn. They were tripled sealed in wax sometime before Jimmy Carter was elected and tinctured into a perfume called Far Nwest which Ida Meister has reviewed here. As you would all know the issue with fresh skunk quill is that it completely overpowers other notes and can sink a ship in an animalic haze. According to David Falsberg, "this old stuff works with just enough of that intoxicating sharpness of a passing skunk at dawn."

I have always liked Gaia Fishler’s tagline at The Non-Blonde …

"I try stuff so you don’t have to."
—Gaia Fishler, The Non-Blonde

Looking forward to your Far Nwest review Gaia.

Next week David will reveal the Skype name of his Agarwood distiller. Watch this space. Just kidding about that one David.

Next week we will be hearing from an Oud collector in Hawaii who will educate us on the scent varieties of Agarwood based on terroir. Hindi Oud gets a lot of press due to its polarizing scent. There are many other varieties of Oud that are more immediately friendly, although it should be said that if your nose perseveres through the smell of Mother Nature regenerating (fecal) then the Hindi Ouds do reveal more olfactory delights once you get past that fearsome gate.

Jordan River is the host of The Fragrant Man and also writes for Olfactoria's Travels and Australian Perfume Junkies.

He recently covered the first harvest of Santalum album sandalwood grown in Australia. Jordan has been been reading Fragrantica and other fragrance websites for many years and enjoys the confluence of subjectivity, knowledge and opinion. He is not a Perfume Pontiff and is always happy to be enlightened by your own knowledge and challenged by differing opinions.

His high rotation 'fumes are Jubilation XXV, Cuir 28, Fate Man and Puredistance BLACK. Special occasions scents include Cuir de Gardenia, Spiced Citrus Vetiver, Ensar Oud Oils and RealOud Feral.


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@zoka, Indeed, Katy Perry sings ROAR. I like that video. I will be cheeky and say that if you had been going to the gym a few years ago then you would have heard another song called Rolling in the Deep by Adele which is what I was referencing here. Beast in that small bottle; yes! Does it roar? Absolutely. Would you wear this to the gym! Absolutely not!

@jeca - you are fearless! That is no kitty but it is does purr, after a lengthy growl.

@Roge' - to whichever enjoyable spot your mind takes you too!


I think it is Katy Perry the girl who 'Roar' not Adel :-) thanks to my musical education from the gym I know.

Anyway, yes there is a beast in that small bottle. I had sample from the exhibition in Los Angeles last September.


I would love to experience something like that kitty in a perfume ;o)


It's sex panther!


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