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PK Perfumes Debut at the Fragrance Salon

09/29/12 20:49:54 (6 comments)

by: Elena Knezhevich

At the Fragrance Salon several new perfume brands have been introduced for the first time. PK Perfumes, founded by perfumer Paul Kiler, has surprised us with their unusual fragrances which were also very beautiful.

Paul uses most unusual fragrant combinations. An example I will highlight is Red Leather, a fragrance that didn't just attract my attention at the exhibition. At first it is very color specific, which of course is red. Using leather to convey rough, animalic and cool fragrances has already been explored by perfumers for several years, and it's still in the air. This is the second new leather fragrance I discovered in Santa Monica (the first is by Cognoscenti), and both are great.


The fragrance is very intense, and as with Cognoscenti's No 16, it's based on unusual pairings of ingredients. In Red Leather these are leather and rhubarb. Rhubarb has made its way into perfumery in the last couple of years (think Aedes de Venustas     ))   ) as a sweet-sour note, but here it doesn't have any gourmand hue. Together with pink pepper, buchu leaves, carnation and other spices, it makes the leather glow with a red color and captures the attention immediately and for long, as if you were catwalking in skin-tight, hot, red, sexy leather pants and jacket. It burns, cuts and screams for your pleasure. From my own experience this fragrance is red on women, but on men, I would say it smells calmer and fresher, revealing the green tones of a bunch of aromatic notes in it, but it remains very leathery.


Saffron is another cool scent of the season, but for an audience that's a little bit more prepared than was the case with oud. In Paul's line this new note is found in the fragrance called Zaffran. It's another leather scent, but calmer and warmer. I think saffron is a great note to recreate a dusty nubuck texture in perfume, which it does in Zaffran.

I wouldn't be surprised if PK Perfumes would soon to be found in some very chic stores, because every scent I take from my sample pack smells cool and modern:

Cafe Diem - coffee, whiskey, absinthe, spices, incense, the cozy atmosphere of a small party at home, where the crowd smokes, drinks and talks.

Violet Chocolatier - dear ladies, something for you too. As if the previous fragrance could serve as a cliché of a gentlemen's party, Violet Chocolatier is one little gathering of fair ladies. Powdery classic violet is reasonably gourmand, all are in the borders of a chic and noble feminine perfume.

Rose lovers will appreciate the green rose in Carissa, a graceful crisp rose. If you want to step away from classics, again you don't need to leave the PK Perfumes shelf. You could try airy fresh Ere, the girly spring flower in Pentecost, the surprising lychee-aromatic unisex fragrance Lita, or modern spiced citrus in uplifting Ginger Zest de Citron.

Please visit the PK Perfumes website

Photo by Fragrantica


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I love leathers and Paul Kiler does them uniquely and with very wearable style!
As a perfumer myself, I can't help feeling some envy for his meticulous work.
–Moreover, he's a very kind and generous man.
My hat's off to you, Paul!

Michael Storer, perfumer
Niche fragrances for the Individualist®


Thanks for your thoughts, Yes, the website is in the works... Sorry that it's not right now. Just getting 11 fragrances ready for the show was a ton of work. I have about another 1-2 weeks of work left to bring the website up to sniff... :-) If you've got a question, fill out the contact me form on the website frontpage for now, and I'll write back. Some of you may have already done so. I'm about ready to send out the drawing winners names via emails collected at the show. My two boys Phoenix (5) and Santa Fe (8) each drew a winner's name...


I ended up buying the red leather and it is amazing, when I first smelled it, I was lost for words. In this day and age that feeling is hard to come by.


They are still developing the site, because they are very new, but I hope we'll find them somewhere in good stores. ;o)


A lot of notes in each fragrance, really interesting. Would love to try them.

Sadly their website is probably still work-in-progress, but hope that gets updated shortly.


These sound right up my alley !!!!!


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