Fragrant Horoscope Perfumed Horoscope April 11 - April 17

Perfumed Horoscope April 11 - April 17

04/10/16 04:55:50 (6 comments)

by: Hieronimuss


This spring is a spring of delays, and all that hasn't culminated yet (Mercury didn't retrograde yet). It's of course not about lowering the expectations, but having highest expectations for the second part of the year and for now be happy with no loss that will be very obviously damaging. This week is perfect for strengthening our relationships and getting over any deals that we were not very fond of. Forget about the outside world, just tend the inner garden, and see it all come on its own. This week we are looking at the very exciting Different Company and some of their masterpieces.

Is someone very special in some far away country right now? It's time to reconnect and of course you will be the one with initiative at the beginning. If you end up being the one traveling, if you allow your prospective partner to show you around, there will be more to capture. Your job may become rewarding financially, or it may be just a promise that will still need some time. By Different Company look into Une Nuit Magnetique.

The connections are made this week in two significant areas. First the partner with whom you are sharing everything will shift gears since some major block from the past will finally be removed. On the other side, if you were missing words to express how you really feel about many good things, including having offspring, it will become  easier to bring to words and maybe even into reality. By Different Company look into Oud for Love.

The first thing that you will notice coming out of the cumbersome past week, is that your future has again smiled at you. It may have happened even through your partner who said something that you really needed to hear. Consider that your partner was slightly out of bounds also because it took you a while to understand "within what frame are we moving now." In your house search there is a new unexpected development. There is someone from your past who is really good with real state and they are willing to help. By Different Company look into Aurore Nomade.


This week I call the week of re-connections after the past week may have been too much to handle for many. This week your job is in some positive way connecting to your career plans. However, remain very careful at your work without risking anything. The other connection will come as a recognition of your social circles that you are irreplaceable and much loved. By Different Company look into I miss Violet.
This is  a brilliant week for you to fall in love, probably for someone from abroad. It could be an overall very uncomplicated situation, even though you may think otherwise. The second significant event this week could bring you professionally in front of the greatest money source yet. You know you are ready for that, even if it may take a few months. By Different Company look into De Bachmakov.


The past recent weeks somehow prsented drama that was surrounding you. This week all will become settled. First your partner will present a much more positive domestic situation which is to become a new stability in your relationship. Second there is a messenger from abroad who has very good news for you about a project that you almost gave up on. By Different Company look into Le 15.


Isn't it funny how your partner acts like he/she is running the show, and then when it comes to some kind of important moment, it's up to you to say which way to go. You should be comfortable with that. Important now is the good energy, and a lot of talk going back and forth. Another thing, you partner is now ready to put the money where his/her words are. It may not happen immediately but it eventually will. By Different Company look into Sienne d'Orange.
Your astrological insight has a very simplistic equation: Your job is bringing money. The complexity behind it is that now you need to buy more time to dedicate it to your health. The other deep consideration is how to create maximum safety for the loved ones. Your partner is most proud of how you are now being accepted socially, and how your social circles are ready to rejoice in your success. By Different Company look into South Bay.

Someone will fall in love with you this week and you may not even notice it. Once you start to pay better attention, you will become intrigued and if you want, an easy and fun date can follow. The other area where you need someone to tell you what is going on is your work-to-career situation. Just look like you're working really hard, and don't even bring up the topic of confidence or lack of it. By Different Company look into After Midnight.
You will finally feel comfortable in your domestic situation, but you will not leave it at that. Chances are you will invite someone to your house, a male most probably, from whom you feel you can learn a lot. There are family secretes that you are aiming to uncover this week. Your plan for the summer is very sound and so adventurous that it will be even more fun than you're thinking now. By Different Company look into Oriental Lounge.
This week your words will work very well for you to bring you in social situations where you know you are 100% yourself, and nothing can go wrong. Some new ideas about your future can come forth. This needs however to be in accord with the talk that is going on now at your house concerning some possible change of status of what you own together with your partner. A bigger home may be in the plans requiring more discipline. By Different Company look into Limon de Cordoza.


This week you will reconnect to your precious self once again.The pressure on the social scene to shine will affect in a positive way your self-esteem. You are ready to go along without questioning anything for now. On the other end is your partner who will be reconnecting you to the lost art of just having interesting conversations. If you are not comfortable with how much you depend on your partner these days, just drop it. It's good to depend on modesty and carefully made choices. Fill your heart with gratitude. By Different Company look into Adjatay.



Zoran Cerar - Hieronimuss loves delicate and natural fragrances since his childhood. He is also an incurable astrology addict since 1984.

With his astrological insight, he helped many restless souls with advice related to personal growth, relationships, and career choices. He holds a PhD in German Literature and teaches at a few Colleges in New York. His web site is a portal for sharing astrological experiences and knowledge, and here he offers his astrological readings and reports.


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Zoran... What if i don't have a partner?


Spot on!:)


What a lovely way to approach any month - "fill your heart with gratitude!"

Angelica 000
Angelica 000

Sometimes you almost scare me! Thank you once again for your insights. Have you thought of a competition with a personal chart, done by you of course, as the prize? I'll be your first entrant!


I miss Violet seems like the perfect choice for me :D


Nice !


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