Fragrant Horoscope Perfumed Horoscope August 15 - August 21

Perfumed Horoscope August 15 - August 21

08/14/16 05:49:33 (4 comments)

by: Hieronimuss

This week a new piece of information is coming your way with a Lunar Eclipse on the 16th (25 degrees Aquarius). It can easily make you think: "I get it! For the first time, I get it!" You will also be able with a possible sudden turn of events to reach a more realistic appraisal of what this new understanding means to you. You will also know what you must do next. This week we proudly recommend perfumes by James Heeley.
Keep your eyes open at one of your female friends who will nicely symbolize what is going on during this lunar eclipse on the 16th. That person could also be your mother. You may notice that your love can easily liberate you. That may sound somewhat unusual, but understanding the impersonal dimension of love may make you actually more playful and even more appealing. By Designer James Heeley consider sampling Oranges and Lemons Say The Bells of St. Clements.


The Lunar eclipse is typically the time where the clues are received for things that need to change in your life. There may not be many clues this time around, but they will be very subtle and kind of deep. The more people you have around you the less you will notice. It may take a very introspective and quiet environment for you to receive the impulse to make a drastic move.  My guess is you may be daydreaming about a different job and even a different family.  By Designer James Heeley consider sampling Hippie Rose.
You will be very passionate about what you know during this lunar eclipse. The trick is to keep it on the productive side. I would sit in the quiet eye of the storm of your knowledge, and just let the storm around you attract others. Don’t push for anything. Think in terms of intellectual stabilization and strengthening of your visions. By Designer James Heeley consider sampling Vetiver Veritas.


This lunar eclipse on Tuesday is actually very sensual and a wonderful time for very intimate moments which can bring a new strength to your very significant relationship. You will feel it, and allow the instinct to merge with your partner and to take over, since it may create a greater level of trust between you. By Designer James Heeley consider sampling Cedre Blanc.


You will recognize that it is the full moon with an eclipse by a partner who may be very moody. The more you can make your partner comfortable, the more you will be comfortable yourself.  What is brewing in your head will probably come out this week and it will be a huge life changing event, like you may propose or be proposed to, you may move or buy a piece of property. Serious stuff brought by a lot of positive coincidences. By Designer James Heeley consider sampling Cardinal.


This week’s lunar eclipse is one of those times where you receive the sign of gratitude from all of those who you have been serving in one way or another over a long period of time. If that doesn’t happen, there may be an energetic vacuum which can make you feel weak. There is no need for concerns, but whatever transpires will have you reconsider your health. You may need to approach that subject one more time, maybe the last time for a long period of time. By Designer James Heeley consider sampling Verveine.


The most likely scenario for Tuesday’s lunar eclipse is that you may do what is needed to initiate becoming a parent. It’s time for playfulness and innocence, and it can benefit you in new and unexpected ways. You may also feel more comfortable in the new social circle that has spontaneously grown around you in recent weeks. By Designer James Heeley consider sampling Chypre 21 or Cuir Pleine Fleur.
There are times in life when it all comes together, and this may be the feeling and somehow also the experience of this week. This lunar eclipse is happening at the very roots of your personality, and it is asking you that whatever you need to do should be undertaken with 100% of integrity, which is your common state. But at the same time you need to remain open and flexible for little adjustments which will be coming from a great depth. By Designer James Heeley consider sampling Phoenicia.
This is a very stimulating lunar eclipse which can give you a great new direction. You need to remove yourself in some ways from the “dirt” of this planet and live as an example for others to follow. This is the kind of authentic integrity you will radiate this week. See it as an exercise in materializing your thoughts, a big step towards a real creatorship. By Designer James Heeley consider sampling Esprit du Tigre.
This week’s lunar eclipse brings a situation which may be telling you that you have a problem of some kind. Don’t buy into that. The truth is that you may need to do a little work, but there is nothing major at risk and there is also no emergency as it may be presented by others. They need to see in you that you are providing them with a greater sense of security. So just keep reassuring everyone that they are doing fine. By Designer James Heeley consider sampling Agarwoud.
 During this lunar eclipse you may feel that your personality has more weight and that you have a greater need for yourself. Normally you like being there for others. The sudden revelation will relate to what extent you feel emotionally supported from your partner(s).  It’s not that you are suddenly needy or desperate; it’s more that you better understand the complexity of being together and what kind of sharing makes you tick in a relationship. By Designer James Heeley consider sampling Iris de Nuit.


 The 16th of August will in many ways awaken your love for the mysterious or at least the unusual. This is where you really feel at home. Keeping your awareness wide open and pure will give you more power in transforming any poor self image debris that you may have. You are perfect, and your love and wisdom are perfect, it just takes not suppressing the past to maintain the natural high.  By Designer James Heeley consider sampling Figuier or Sel Marin.


Zoran Cerar - Hieronimuss loves delicate and natural fragrances since his childhood. He is also an incurable astrology addict since 1984.

With his astrological insight, he helped many restless souls with advice related to personal growth, relationships, and career choices. He holds a PhD in German Literature and teaches at a few Colleges in New York. His web site is a portal for sharing astrological experiences and knowledge, and here he offers his astrological readings and reports.



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Thank you, Zoran !

Angelica 000
Angelica 000

You make me look forward to the coming week! Thank you for the dose of positivity.


Sounds like a very exciting week. I wanted to try this niche house for a long time. Great recommendations.


Sounds so promising. I really hope you are right ;-)


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