Fragrant Horoscope Perfumed Horoscope August 22 - August 28

Perfumed Horoscope August 22 - August 28

08/21/16 02:11:18 (5 comments)

by: Hieronimuss


If you imagine this week like a picnic, this is how it could look: You have a wonderful plan, the finest foods and the best means of transportation (Mercury Jupiter conjunction).  Halfway to your destination you realize there is roadwork and you have to wait for a while (Mars Saturn conjunction). Then you briefly realize you are driving the wrong way (26 mars Neptune square). Finally you arrive at your destination and  realize the place is actually much more beautiful than you thought it would be. (Jupiter Venus conjunction on 28th) This week we are exploring Japanese movies that would make great perfume names.

These days you are very much invested in your work and your expectations are high. The main obstacle to having all your tasks completed are mind games, assuming you get involved and consumed by them. There could be issues if you are attempting to define or align ideologies with those close to you. Most probably someone can pull some of your past behavior or words against you. By the weekend your situation may not just be fixed, but much improved. Tokyo Drifter would make a good perfume name for you inspired by Japanese cinema.


Let’s imagine that there is a love interest that you are trying to somehow approach this week. In your mind at the beginning of the week you know you look good, you know what to say, and what kind of mutual activity to propose. Two days later you realize that this person has a tyrant father and this turns you down. Then the person just disappears for an entire day and friends tell you to forget her/him. Once you a ready to give it all up, the weekend comes and it was all an illusion except your love, and the person is in your arms. Kuroneko would make a good perfume name for you inspired by Japanese cinema.
This is the week when ideally you are moving into new headquarters – your new living space. It’s all planned and scheduled and then you realize that the moving truck broke down and you need to postpone everything for a few days. Then also you find out that from the new place it will take it longer to come to work. By the weekend you are moved in and all your fears and concerns are buried and forgotten. Kwaidan would make a good perfume name for you inspired by Japanese cinema.


Just when you thought that your life can be nicely organized and under your mental control, there comes the new heavy work project. It’s not the work, but it’s the promises that come with it that will not match the reality. By the and of the week you will return to your balanced state of mind and will take a short rip with your partner which will turn out to be very memorable. Yojimbo would make a good perfume name for you inspired by Japanese cinema.


If you are currently in an evolving romantic relationship, this will be the trying week. You will have to calculate how much patience you can produce to turn this encounter into a lasting relationship. It may help to know that if you decide to stay engaged with an open heart, that it will last for a long time. Already this weekend you should be able to experience how satisfying the physical love expression can be. Kagemusha would make a good perfume name for you inspired by Japanese cinema.


You will enter this week with unusually high enthusiasm to bring something possibly great into your life. By mid-week you may realize that this great foundation for your family may not be so easy to accomplish. Usually a great worker, you will be required to work even harder. It will also disperse quickly; just have in mind an extremely rewarding weekend. Ugetsu would make a good perfume name for you inspired by Japanese cinema.


This week you can become a little bit more mentally organized, and to constructively use your inspiration. At the beginning of the week you are somewhat overwhelmed with ideas, which all can potentially help you to take a new direction. However you may soon realize that you dug too deep, and that it may longer to go to the bottom of things. Help comes over the weekend, even if it means employing a professional. Spirited Away would make a good perfume name for you inspired by Japanese cinema.
Your social circles will be more enthusiastic and supportive of your ideas than ever before. Some may consider joining you in your endeavors. By midweek you could realize that the financial backing is missing and it is important at that point not to become emotional, but to take the unusual amount of work that you have to process.  If your positive outlook prevails, you are looking at a very romantic and playful weekend.  Seven Samurai would make a good perfume name for you inspired by Japanese cinema.
Good news from you career front at the beginning of the week will not give you wings for long. Soon you will realize that you have to work much harder, so just be prepared for that. It’s not going to last for a long time, especially if you diligently take care of all the details. The weekend already brings a little family reunion that will make you happier beyond any expectations.  Castle in the Sky would make a good perfume name for you inspired by Japanese cinema.
This week starts big time with events related to traveling. You may be coming from the trip full of unsorted impressions. Somehow there is something about this trip that takes you back to the past or some otherwise important situation in your life. Contact your siblings or whoever you feel are your siblings, because they will give you the tools to put it all together, and even feel good about it. Ikiru would make a good perfume name for you inspired by Japanese cinema.
This could turn out to be a pretty unusual week, which may end up with some kind of financial windfall. You may start the week with an unusual enthusiasm about your partner’s proposal. As usual, you will check this plan with your friends, and they will not share your enthusiasm, but will also make you feel like you took on too much, and that you cannot handle it. Don’t overthink the situation, let it evolve and by the next Sunday, you will see that your partner was right this time. Godzilla would make a good perfume name for you inspired by Japanese cinema.


Your partner will be at the center of your attention. If you don’t have a partner consider leaving some space for someone to enter or re-enter your life. You will be able to test your real or potential partner by communicating with them simultaneously with some possible minor professional crises. They may help you verbally, but if you decide not to share it at all, you will see how much emotional support you can expect from them. Ran would make a good perfume name for you inspired by Japanese cinema.


Zoran Cerar - Hieronimuss loves delicate and natural fragrances since his childhood. He is also an incurable astrology addict since 1984.

With his astrological insight, he helped many restless souls with advice related to personal growth, relationships, and career choices. He holds a PhD in German Literature and teaches at a few Colleges in New York. His web site is a portal for sharing astrological experiences and knowledge, and here he offers his astrological readings and reports.



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The gardens look somewhat otherworldy...I have yet to see Ugetsu you attributed to me, and you chose great classics and many favourites of mine; Seven Samurai (lucky Scorpio!), Kagemusha, Ikiru, Ran. I prefer Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind over any other Gibhli (second Castle in the Skye), but I imagine my natal Mars in Leo and Ascendant in Sagittaurus make me choose that character ;) Thank you for the entertaining and personally appealing concept, Mr.Cerar! I will push my lazy self to work a bit harder.


Thanks for an other great horoscope. I always prepare my weeks plan on Sundays and check your predictions. They are always so positive. I think it helps me visualise better the days ahead.


You won me over with 'Seven Samurai' for Scorpio. :)

drugstore classics
drugstore classics

Adorable, Zoran. Thank you!!!


Clever premise, stunning pictures


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