Fragrant Horoscope Perfumed Horoscope December 25 - January 1

Perfumed Horoscope December 25 - January 1

12/25/16 08:30:30 (5 comments)

by: Hieronimuss


A year ago when I wrote the astrological forecast for the coming year I feel I largely underestimated it. I called it “the year of precautionary measures, and carefully reading instructions and ingredients.”

It ended up being a very condensed year of hyperactivity, and the main lesson was not to attach any expectations with any situations in life, both if they seemed heavy and negative, or positive and fortunate. Keeping cool became truly an art during the past year. Before starting to speculate about the new year, it may be a good idea to review the passing year and have the strength to still gracefully say goodbye to it.

happy holidays

This is what I wrote a year ago: “You may be almost anticipating a life changing mini-crisis. You throw yourself on it and fix it in your no-nonsense way. Many of your skills are advancing now on the soul level through this. The price for these efforts will become obvious either through a partner who will understand you and accept you for who you are, or an entirely new relationship by the end of the year.” If nothing has sparked yet, there is still a plenty of time.  It may be difficult to distinguish friend from foe.
This is what I wrote a year ago: “In the perfect world you are supposed to have a baby this year, or get rich by taking some substantial risks. Also, you are supposed to have a grand opening of your own show or any kind of artistic production. On an internal level you will continue radiating love that grows everything around you. The more love you show, the more becomes available to you! Save all the hard work for the last few months of the year." There could have been a few health scares in the second part of the year sending you a clear message to stay on a stricter diet.
This is what I wrote a year ago: “The explorations of how you feel in your current residence or how you might feel in a different and new living setting will continue this year.  A time frame in September will open up and the move will totally become possible. This is pretty much about the foundation of your life, and you should not take it lightly.  It will show you how much you’re in control of your life. From October many things will fall into place and you will be much freer and involved in things that you prefer doing.”  I’m personally Gemini Ascendant and this is what pretty much happened, but under a lot of stress.


This is what I wrote a year ago: “The first part of the year will continue to keep you mentally very active. Any activities related to reading, writing and communicating will stimulate your entire situation into a positive direction. It may be the time for a new car and even a new computer. At the end of the year you may enter a state of improving your living quarters or even moving to a location that will fit you better. If you dread the change of residence, remember that you’ll be much better off at the new place after a while." Your possible change of residence is almost like a threat to you now. You need to somehow warm up to it.


This is what I wrote a year ago: “This is the year of sophisticated overindulging for you. You may invest a lot of energy in the first half of the year to figure out what will most comprehensibly satisfy your many needs. It will be all about you, so anticipate some resistance from your cohorts.” The possible frustration may linger on if you still have not regulated your income. It could mean that you’ve been pushing too hard and that you need to soften in order for things to happen.
This is what I wrote a year ago: “Until February you are laying out the plans for the rest of your life. These plans should be as grandiose as your imagination can make them. Forget about modesty for now. The plans should relate to some kind of growth, family, business, anything. Then in February comes the time to weigh in on those plans, fix them and stay patient and diligent. From May to October you can enjoy these plans coming to fruition. The last three months of the year should give you a sense of possible great financial rewards for your courage." This past year was “your year”. Reflect on what has changed in your life.
This is what I wrote a year ago: “You are kind of wandering currently outside time and space. You should regard this year as a time for preparation for big things that you plan for your life in the future. Do as much cleaning up as possible, and also give it a creative approach. By the end of September, you should feel very light and ready for new beginnings.” You still don’t understand what is going on and where it’s going but you should feel good about it. Let the pieces come slowly together.
This is what I wrote a year ago: “Plan all the big moves toward your future by the end of February, because things may develop in an unusual pattern. As long as your network is intact, the pattern will probably be slow…slow… and then in May, super fast. The end of the year will in some ways soften your ambition, which in no ways will dampen or lessen your achievements, but rather internalize them." You have mixed feelings about the past year, you may feel that you are somehow losing focus. There is reason behind it and it will not work against you.
This is what I wrote a year ago: “You are doing whatever it takes to reach a positive closure on your career front and during the spring there should be less pressure. Most of all, your understanding of things is accelerating. This is one of those years where you may qualify as an overachiever, but regard it as a temporary. There is no way around following the rules this year, and it’s up to you to discover that it’s part of a maturing process which will slowly grow your sense of greater freedom.” The time of “short leash” is almost over.
This is what I wrote a year ago: “In an ideal world this year you should be either absorbing or sorting out a lot of knowledge coming your way. In some ways you are trying to make sense of it, put it all together and may even consider publishing it. Starting your own blog is another good idea for you. All of this will be a preparation for a new wave of activities leading to a much better professional and spiritual situation from September until the end of the year." You may have become an overachiever without even noticing it.
This is what I wrote a year ago: “The first half of the new year should continue to give you the opportunities to show how responsible you are. With your in-depth considerations, and for reviewing issues from as many angles as possible come also rewards that are not just your average “don't forget me” kind of thing. You are becoming now rock-solid. If somehow you plan relocation abroad, the last few months of the year will certainly work in your favor." Your knowledge source is growing without you even noticing it. It will all come in handy soon.


This is what I wrote a year ago: “Project what kind of relationships you want, and share it as much as possible. Do not be afraid of codependence, but don't attach yourself emotionally to what you think about the relationship. Relationships are pretty dynamic, and you can maybe to a larger extent than you think give them a desirable direction.“ More specifically, you were supposed to get married or remarried or partnered up. If you didn’t, you are looking for ways to overcome feeling frustrated about it. 




Zoran Cerar - Hieronimuss has loved delicate and natural fragrances since his childhood. He has also been an incurable astrology addict since 1984.

With his astrological insight, he helped many restless souls with advice related to personal growth, relationships, and career choices. He holds a PhD in German Literature and teaches at a few Colleges in New York. His web site is a portal for sharing astrological experiences and knowledge, and here he offers his astrological readings and reports.


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Gemini, and ascendant gemini, and yup: my whole life went topsy-turvy, I moved and it was stressful. And since this month I have the feeling of being back in control of my life, at last. So: spot on!


"you were supposed to get married or remarried or partnered up. If you didn’t, you are looking for ways to overcome feeling frustrated about it."

Come on! I've been married for years! I'm not frustrated about it. What a boring horoscope for an important astrological week! sooooo disappointed!!!!


Thank hoy Zoran! Effectively this year I start a show,lol, because I start teaching in my specialty . And was one of the most beautiful things of the year.
I wish you a great year!


Well, my astrological forecast was very far off. The only good thing that happened this year was that my intolerable boss of many decades retired and now I have a dream of a boss. Other than that, it was a completely nondescript, nothing happening kind of year...except for the departure of many of our very many losses this year in the music world and other areas.


Wow ! I am a saggi and I finished up my horrible work this year to work for my self this process of leaving started in September to ! And that work place always had me
On a tight short leash amazing


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