Fragrant Horoscope Perfumed Horoscope March 14 - March 20

Perfumed Horoscope March 14 - March 20

03/13/16 05:20:57 (4 comments)

by: Hieronimuss

We have interesting energies this week, mainly revolving around what freedom means for us. On one side it’s tempting, but on the other side we can’t really know what the new space will look like. All of this is occurring because our minds are a little slower (Mercury squares Saturn), while the physical body wants to run and compete (Mars squares Venus). This week we are looking at the very unique RisingWave and their fragrant adventures.

You developed something that could be described as a conceptual knowledge over the past year. It helps you categorize things better and better support your opinions. This week you may decide to test this well-developed tool but be careful, because it may trigger an outburst of dissatisfaction that may become hard for you to control and respond to. From RisingWave try Zero or Cruise (Radiant Sky).

There is a whole new dynamic in your close relationship which will require more of your attention and possibly also redirection. You may feel that your partner is in some ways out of sorts, and not aligned with the original mutual ideas. Instead of confrontations, try to focus on the good energies that you now feel coming from your future. From RisingWave try Free (Sunset Pink).

It is not what your partner is expecting from you these days, but it is more about how you react to that. You may react like you cannot handle it anymore, and that it is too much pressure for you, but wait, don’t react yet. The second part of the week will bring a different and much lighter perspective in the psychological density with which this week will open. From RisingWave try Zero Ecstacy.


If you just immerse yourself into your current favorite literature and give reality a little break, you will actually fare better. The challenges to react to anything that may seem irresponsible, illogical, and conformist will be particularly strong.  The real issue is your health and how you can less compromise it. Make sure to look up what naturopaths do, as you may be also due for a slight alternation of your eating regimen. By RisingWave try Free (Coral White).

If over the past year you have realized that the dating scene has become a little too serious and no fun, now it’s time to realize why this is happening. On one side there is your strong desire to be playful, but the messages that you receive from your existing and potential partners is that carefulness and conservatism is needed. Here comes the week to gain the clarity over these two clashing concepts. By RisingWave try Cruise (Safari Breeze).


The place where you live will once again come under scrutiny by your partner. The nuances and explanations why this place may feel limiting are very hard to justify, but the overriding feeling runs very deep and may even have to do with some childhood issues. Some kind of deep psychological cleansing may provide the best cure for understanding that the limitation is actually the safety that you need more than anything else. By RisingWave try Free Natural (Morning Green).


This is one of those weeks when you decide even against common sense to become more critical of your environment. Depending on how resistant your environment is, the feedback may not be pleasant at all. Any provocation that you send out will come back much more forceful than you expected. Take a passive role as much as possible, and the second part of the week will be much more relaxing. By RisingWave try Free (Light Blue).

The new conservatism that may have overtaken you will undergo a little test this week. You know that at heart you are a reformist, so the kind of rigidity that you may have embraced now will come under question, and maybe even attack. Of course there are not many who dare to attack you, but if you are in love currently, you may actually become a much easier target. The second part of the week you will hopefully laugh about it all.  By RisingWave try Zero Black.

It should be obvious by now that you have shifted the gears and this is the week where you feel more of a need for physical mobility and expression. The first part of the week can become complicated unless you are careful about what you are saying, especially to your family members. Remember your mind will work slower than your speech, so think twice before saying it. By RisingWave try Eternal (Solid Blue).
There will be some patience needed this week as your thoughts run deeper than usual. Some great revelations are possible, especially related to your overall relationships. You may decide to clarify some things, and stir them into a better direction. The second part of the week is much calmer and good for sorting things out. By RisingWave try Cruise (Ocean Breeze).
A little health weakness is no cause for alarm. Your social circles including your close friends could give you some food for thought that will make you reconsider your plans for the future. Resistance during the first part of the week should be softened so that you can fully benefit from the strange situations during the first half. By RisingWave try Eternal.


Your may feel freshly energized to take a new or more extensive path which can lead you to a better social position. You are very attractive this week, and don't just sit back and enjoy the attention, but find ways to envision a social role that will make you use some of your unique powers. The world is ready for you as you are more and more able to teach others to take the higher road which may not always be the less convenient one. By RisingWave try Free Ocean Berry.




Zoran Cerar - Hieronimuss loves delicate and natural fragrances since his childhood. He is also an incurable astrology addict since 1984.

With his astrological insight, he helped many restless souls with advice related to personal growth, relationships, and career choices. He holds a PhD in German Literature and teaches at a few Colleges in New York. His web site is a portal for sharing astrological experiences and knowledge, and here he offers his astrological readings and reports.


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malaysia don't have these brand ......

Angelica 000
Angelica 000

I wish I had read this earlier...the Saggo foot in mouth has already struck! Thank you, as always accurate.

Angelica 000
Angelica 000

I wish I had read this earlier...the Saggo foot in mouth has already struck! Thank you, as always accurate.

Angelica 000
Angelica 000

I wish I had read this earlier...the Saggo foot in mouth has already struck! Thank you, as always accurate.


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