Fragrant Horoscope Perfumed Horoscope May 2 - May 8

Perfumed Horoscope May 2 - May 8

05/01/16 09:57:49 (5 comments)

by: Hieronimuss

There were a few unusual occurrences last week, like me losing my super important professor's folder on the campus, my sweetheart misplacing her passport that she tried to extend, my son going to school that was closed, and his drumming teacher never showing up. Guess what? Mercury is retrograde again (April 28 - May 22). Let  us know of any unusual happenings around you! This astrological event serves to slow us down mentally and to reconsider our priories. With Mercury in Taurus, we are looking at how to maintain our values system. The idea is to avoid shortcuts and stay true to what you believe in. This week we are looking at two super authentic Perfumes houses: Unum and Xyrena.

The simple message this week is to curtail shopping and spending in order to avoid getting stuff that will either be malfunctioning or that you will soon realize you do not need anymore. Try not to disagree too impulsively but consider what others are trying to tell you about yourself. By Xyrena try Factory Fresh.

If during the past few days you noticed that things are running behind the schedule, hopefully you will not take it too personally, and not get upset over this.Thinking twice before you speak can help you avoid misunderstandings.The good thing about the next 20 days is that you are a creative person and that you can make many interesting new observations which usually skip your mind. By Unum try Opus 1144.

Over the next month with your ruler Mercury going retrograde, you may experience some forgetfulness which will make you wonder. A slightly altered state of mind will take you in strange ways to some other past events. Along with delays, the rekindled memories serve to actually make you implement a greater structure in your life. Spring cleaning of your mind, in short. You simply need to know at any time where your stuff is, including what you say. By Unum try ennui-noir.


You will need to show more than usual patience with your friends over the next month. A most likely scenario is that you feel in some ways betrayed because what you agreed upon doesn't seem to show in reality. The other scenario is that a friend is trying to communicate something, and it is not very clear what is required from you. Just keep healthy boundaries and don't get involved unless it's very obvious what is going on. By Xyrena try Flazéda by Pearl.


The phenomena called Mercury retrograde should make you reflect on whoever or whatever your boss is. I know that you probably don't take bosses very seriously all the time, but there could be a clash over values at this time. The boss will require some kind of structure and for you it's better to go along than to bend it your way when it comes down to the action. By Xyrena try Xyrena 66.


You have a very curious mind and this time Mercury retrograde will probably not do any damage to you in a sense of losing thoughts and objects. It will actually make you think more broadly about the scientific side of how things work. You may only experience it as a disadvantage if you start a deep discussion with someone who is very stubborn. It probably will never end. Have a bottle of wine ready. By Unum try Rosa Nigra.


Mercury retrograde will last until May 22 and the main recommendation for you is not to make any major investments during this period and not sign any significant papers. If your partner insists on making a big step, don’t tell them of course “Mercury is retrograde”, but try to find other reasons like looking at things a bit deeper. It could actually make your bonds stronger if you remain patient and diligent. By Unum try Lavs.
A very careful navigation through all communication with your close and business partners should be a note on your calendar until May 22. The most obvious annoyances will be pretty obvious, like lateness, inaccuracies, and not finishing the sentences. Think of topics that you normally don’t converse with your partner about, and you may discover something new about each other. By Xyrena try Dark Ride.

The focus is on your work and possible delays and miscommunications. It should not stop you to accomplish your tasks, it can make you do them even mere thoroughly than usual. What you should really put together at this time is your health and fitness plan. Search new recipes and experiment with different yoga. If you haven't tried Kundalini yoga, I find it to be the most comprehensive. By Xyrena try Formula 3 by Dalton Maldonado.
This is a week for you to discover what is new on the social scene. Plan going places like galleries or movie theaters that are not that standard. A new movie that can really inspire you and open new horizons is Embrace the Serpent. The only strange things that may occur are if you are single and looking for a date. It may become very difficult to understand your potential romantic targets.By Xyrena try Andy Kaufman Milk & Cookies.
Your home situation will need an additional effort to be kept organized and handy. As you start to go through drawers and hidden places in your house, you may start thinking of people who are not so much involved in your life. If you feel that some of them made you feel good in the past, give them a call again. Same with your parents. They may surprise you by thinking this time a bit differently. By Xyrena try Bae by Sebastian Olzanski.


You may find yourself more forgetful than usual. Don't beat yourself up because of this, but really see it as an opportunity to think different thoughts, less tied to habits and routines, which you anyways see sometimes as your enemies. Of course the only problem is if your forgetfulness somehow affects others by missing appointments and agreements. Be careful with that, since you really don't need negative energy around your right now. By Xyrena try Aaliyah or Symphonie-Passion by Unum.


Zoran Cerar - Hieronimuss loves delicate and natural fragrances since his childhood. He is also an incurable astrology addict since 1984.

With his astrological insight, he helped many restless souls with advice related to personal growth, relationships, and career choices. He holds a PhD in German Literature and teaches at a few Colleges in New York. His web site is a portal for sharing astrological experiences and knowledge, and here he offers his astrological readings and reports.


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Tell the people, Retro Merc is now residing in a big goody grand trine. So the forgetness now may turn into a recollection time.

Though things that come back again may be somewhat tiresome to manage. It's like gardening time in spring. No matter what, if you need some yield form the orchard in autumn, please do a great deal of work with your bum up, sowing, meliorating et cetera. Sorry for your manicure, shabby soily outfit and hairdo - some other time!!!


Oh dear retrograde... *runs and hides under the bed*


Well, the next day I had a car crash on my way home from work --- just couldn't concentrate for a sec and ... did it!


The day that Mercury went retrograde, somebody hit our community mailbox with their car from an impossible angle & speed then proceeded hit two cars next to mine car. The mailbox was removed for repair and not tens of families are without their mail until further notice. The guy who hit the mailbox cannot believe he did this while going perfectly straight at 10 miles per hour in our parking lot. If this is any indication of the things to come, this might be be a really BAD retro period. :(


Mercury retrograde, oh yes; i send my daughter to a rehersal an hour to soon..


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