Fragrant Horoscope Perfumed Horoscope November 7 - November 13

Perfumed Horoscope November 7 - November 13

11/06/16 08:24:12 (4 comments)

by: Hieronimuss

This week before the full moon on the 14th we should have full initiative in all our intentions. As the week grows on us, our perspectives will slightly start to shift as the battle for our (play)ground subsides. We should become better able to make broader considerations while still attempting to conquer the world (Mars enters Aquarius on the 9th).This week we are looking at the wonderful Monotheme Fine Fragrances Venezia.


Over the past month you may have observed the tendency to have a head-on with whoever is your boss, or even your parent. If you are still it the mode to have your horns ready anytime, this week is a good time to shift your focus and see how you can shake up your social circles and use them in your current much stronger professional position. From the Monotheme Fine Fragrances Venezia try Grace Amber or Spicy.
Whether you want to or not, you will have to focus on your professional aspirations over the next month. It is not obvious now, but you will get involved in it during the week, and next weekend you may already be making some plans to improve both your standing and flowing (financial). From the Monotheme Fine Fragrances Venezia try Pure Cacao.
Over the past month the joint finances were kind of up in the air and you may have spent more money on the joint projects than you thought you should. It was a good time for investment and you will reap long-term benefits from those, even if it’s not so obvious right now. From the Monotheme Fine Fragrances Venezia try Macchia Mediterranea.


This past month brought a few changes in your partner's life, which all have indirectly impacted you. You were there with good advice. Now the situation will turn towards a greater financial responsibility, and the advice that you were giving to your partner you will be able to use yourself. From the Monotheme Fine Fragrances Venezia try White Tea or Magnolia


No matter how much effort you put into your work, this past month was a complicated period, but the financial and otherwise benefits should be now obvious. Hopefully you didn’t become a workaholic, and if you did, this is the week to start a withdrawal and focus more on your partners. From the Monotheme Fine Fragrances Venezia try Te Rosso & Spezie or Iris of Tuscany.
If you have children or a creative project, or both, there should have been in the past month increased activity. This is a good week to put closures on whatever needs to be completed and stand shiny and proud for your achievements. You may be entering a period of one month where more work will be needed, so hopefully it helps to anticipate that. From the Monotheme Fine Fragrances Venezia try Te Blanco & Riso.
You may have noticed that the past month you had to take care of a lot of issues related to your home and family and it may have drained some of your energies. This week the focus will shift towards more creative projects. Complete all your shopping during the first part of the week, because next weekend you may get overly involved in things that will be more soul satisfying. From the Monotheme Fine Fragrances Venezia try Agrumi di Sicilia.
You’ve been one tough communicator over the past month and if you used some strong language with all who surround you, this week the perspective will slightly change as you will be more focused on your home and your family. Plan some remodeling or reshuffling of the furniture over the next month to make your living space more flowing. From the Monotheme Fine Fragrances Venezia try Vanilla Blossom or Vetiver Bourbon.
The financial pressures revolved mainly about spending, but try not to have any doubts about all the stuff that you are now acquiring. This week will shift towards your greater desire to communicate. You are in the cycle of regeneration (Venus in Sagittarius until the 13th), so know that whatever you invest into yourself will have a long-lasting positive effect. From the Monotheme Fine Fragrances Venezia try Black Coffee.
You’ve been very active and productive this past month, and as you are completing your very outgoing period, it would be good to plan the second part of the week for some relaxing down time. Your mind will continue to buzz with the ideas, but the more you are physically relaxed, the easier it will be to see clearly and materialize your plans for the rest of the month. From the Monotheme Fine Fragrances Venezia try Amber Wood or Black Musc
You may have felt that over the past month a few things were not entirely in your control, and that you were in the circumstances where you couldn’t fully assert your will. This is now changing. By the end of the week you will already turn into a little soldier and then until the end of the month you will become a full blown warrior knowing exactly what to bring into your reality. From the Monotheme Fine Fragrances Venezia try Patchouli Leaves or Pure Neroli.


The past month possibly brought some turmoil in your social scene, but at least now you know exactly who is with you and who possibly was not a good companion to start with. This may have caused confusion in your mind and in your heart, but by the end of the week you should feel a relief of some people not standing in your way anymore. From the Monotheme Fine Fragrances Venezia try Aqva Marina or Tropical Bamboo



Zoran Cerar - Hieronimuss has loved delicate and natural fragrances since his childhood. He has also been an incurable astrology addict since 1984.

With his astrological insight, he helped many restless souls with advice related to personal growth, relationships, and career choices. He holds a PhD in German Literature and teaches at a few Colleges in New York. His web site is a portal for sharing astrological experiences and knowledge, and here he offers his astrological readings and reports.


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OH MY GOD this horoscope is so true though! I recently "broke up" with my "friend" whom I thought actually cared about me, but he was just selfish and didn't actually care about my feelings, or only did so when it suited him.

Pisces: "you know exactly who is with you and who possibly was not a good companion to start with". I know now he was never who I thought he was.. it all came to light at the month this post was posted. :( This is the most accurate horoscope yet, unfortunately. haha

raw umber
raw umber

Please add Tobaco Latino by Monotheme to the database! I requested multiple times in the designated part of the forum but that was quite a while ago and nothing happened. I know there are a billion perfumes to add every day but please consider this one. it's a gorgeous and pure tobacco and perfectly unisex. Thank you very much.

Angelica 000
Angelica 000

This really does explain a lot! Thank you yet again.


Uff.... what a relief :D
Great advice to start a great week


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