Fragrant Horoscope Perfumed Horoscope October 10 - 16

Perfumed Horoscope October 10 - 16

10/10/16 07:21:06 (2 comments)

by: Hieronimuss

Oliver Valverde Oliver & Co.

The first part of the week opens new horizons (Jupiter Mercury conjunct), and once again the more realistic we are with our dreams and plans, the less chance of getting involved with nervous energies and power struggles in the second part of the week (Mercury squares Mars and opposes Pluto). This week we are recommending some masterpieces by the very unique Oliver Valverde.

Oliver Valverde La Colonia

Oliver Valvarde Ambergreen

The enthusiasm including joint plans with your partner should be separated into what is a long term benefit for both versus what is momentary pleasure. The momentary pleasure could turn sour by the end of the week, so expect resistance, but also attempt to be helpful, because the other side may feel distinctly helpless and desperate. If you just back off, you may miss to learn and contribute. From Oliver & Co. try Mousse II.
Honestly, I would lay low at work this week if in your shoes, at least the second part of the week if possible. If there are some kind of a power struggles and personal tensions there, they all could hit the surface, and it’s not something that you should get involved with, or even know about. The first part however until Wednesday, could be unusually productive. If by the end of the week you feel psychologically labile, seek spiritual remediation like mediations and massages. From Oliver & Co. try Dunard.
As the week opens you feel both unusually attractive and creative. You may feel that everything is within your reach and you should absolutely let your imagination get into the exhilaration mode. For the second part of the week exit any type of expectations either from yourself or from others since it may create conflict. If you feel that you have started something significant, trust that its core will stay intact for future use and enjoyment. From Oliver & Co. try Nebula 2.


You could feel this week that you are in some kind of deep waters where many of your thoughts and your attention are going towards your family, both the one that you were born into and the one you created or about to do so. There are many hopes for improvement there, and they will be overwhelming, at least in the first part of the week. During the second part of the week, your feeling of belonging will become tested, and it will be your intention that will keep everything together and not let if seemingly fall apart. From Oliver & Co. try La Colonia.


In your shoes I would use a minimalistic approach in communicating your ideas in the first part of the week. Anything that you overcommunicate, with projections that are too far out for others, may come and haunt you during the second part of the week. People sometimes get upset for no good reason. You may feel like you're taking your mind to the gym, where it will get strengthened by the exposure to raw elements of “them” misunderstanding you, and not accepting that you are the Queen/King who nourishes others with your deep support of their creative spirit. From Oliver & Co. try Lagrimas de la Alhambra.
The scenarios for this week are tricky and your decisions need to be firmly grounded. You may decide to go financially amok in the first part, and then spend the rest of the week fixing whatever you’re unhappy with. The advice is to anticipate and fix issues before they arise. The real problem could be the power struggle surrounding you, but if you look at it as just a mind game, you clearly have the advantage. From Oliver & Co. try Ambergreen.
This could easily turn out to become the busiest week you have seen this year. It may feel like there is a big invisible hand that moves and shakes your reality. It all depends on how you will feel in the middle of the week. Any signs of weakness should be subdued by deep meditation and creating long term allies. Anything else could take you slightly apart. From Oliver & Co. try Vetiverus.
Fresh ideas will pour into your mind and you may not know where they are coming from. You are the King/Queen of Cool but the stuff could take you beyond ideas of controlling situations. You could be taken by surprise by a sudden urge to assist someone without any obvious cause and reason. A smart approach would include building clear borders so that your generosity doesn’t bring an energy drain by the end of the week. From Oliver & Co. try Mousse.
Apparently the left eye looks into width, while the right eye looks into depth. This may help you organize your perception as your surrounding suddenly becomes a great magnet for you. You may feel like you are experiencing social bonds for the first time in a while with elevated intensity. Engage your right eye of depth in the second part of the week as some of your friends and affiliates come with the kind of demands that may seem out of this world. From Oliver & Co. try Nebula 1.
This week brings a great opportunity to knock your boss of his/her feet, and show the system that you’re involved with how it should be properly managed. Let others draw conclusions and if by the end of the week some strange feedback reaches you, brush it off as envy and incompetence of those directing it towards you. From Oliver & Co. try Vaninger.
Expect some truly elevating conversation during the first part of the week. It seems like you are reaching a point of full understanding of the world where all your dissatisfaction with the world can turn into some sort of constructive actions. Don’t become discouraged, as during the second week you realize that not everyone is on board with you. You are the child of the future and you need to let them absorb a bit longer what you have to share. From Oliver & Co. try Gincense.


One of your overriding personal qualities is courage and this is the week where you will show it, if you intend to do so or not. It will come out probably in a very personal setting. The scenario is that your trust in your (potentially) closest partners will suddenly grow to a point that you have never experienced before. This could make you more susceptible to getting hurt during the second week, when you will have to share your deep need for flawless unity on all levels. From Oliver & Co. try Resina.




Zoran Cerar - Hieronimuss has loved delicate and natural fragrances since his childhood. He has also been an incurable astrology addict since 1984.

With his astrological insight, he helped many restless souls with advice related to personal growth, relationships, and career choices. He holds a PhD in German Literature and teaches at a few Colleges in New York. His web site is a portal for sharing astrological experiences and knowledge, and here he offers his astrological readings and reports.


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I don't know what has happened to me with this horoscope. I have never read and even less believed in any, before this one. I am really anticaping it every week. Thank you Zoran, sincerely!


The quality of these horoscopes have truly deteriorated.


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