Fragrant Horoscope Perfumed Horoscope September 5 - September 11

Perfumed Horoscope September 5 - September 11

09/04/16 04:16:20 (2 comments)

by: Hieronimuss

Astrologically this week brings, in a way, a new year for all of us. This is because Jupiter, the big expander and traditional beneficiary is moving at the rate of one year per sign. This week he is leaving brainy Virgo and moving into airy Libra. Jupiter transitions can be very stormy at the end bringing changes very quickly. We are reviewing the past year and next week we are looking at the future promises of Jupiter in Libra. This week we are looking at some amazing creations by A Wing & A Prayer Perfumes.

One year ago I wrote: “Get ready to roll up the sleeves over the next year.” Besides being busy with your work you were supposed to resolve and much improve any of the health issues that you (potentially) had. It’s still a good time to review all the possible crises that you underwent this past year and make sure you’ve learned from them. From A Wing & A Prayer Perfumes try Tahoe or Orange County.
One year ago I wrote: “Do you also miss having fun, going out to concerts? Are you creative and you have not expressed it enough over the past year? It’s time for all the above to change and become activated. Give yourself time; the transition may be slow, but steady.” There was also a chance of you becoming a parent over the past year, and if you really want it, you have one more week left. From A Wing & A Prayer Perfumes try Azure Perfume or Lavender and Roses.
One year ago I wrote: “How do you feel about moving into a new living situation, more modern and not necessarily bigger, but more with accord to how your needs have grown over the past few years? This may sound too good to be true, but it is a process, and it will take some effort and some work.” Your sense of where you belong is still probably seeking a closure, so don’t give in to the confusion that may be surrounding you now. From A Wing & A Prayer Perfumes try Gemini.


One year ago I wrote: “This is the year of your intellectual growth. Turn into a genius. Start by understanding that there is no challenge that you can’t take on, while also giving them a new direction.”  It may be hard to pinpoint your growth over the past year, but it should certainly be a product of your willingness to communicate and follow through with any intellectual tasks. The real changes are coming over the next year. Now you may feel readier for that. From A Wing & A Prayer Perfumes try Jade or Summer.


One year ago I wrote: “Now it’s time to go back into the material world, and map out what you want and when you want it. One of the main focuses will be your income and it should by the end of the year already become clear that your earning capacity is much greater than anyone ever imagined.”  If it didn’t happen, the cards are still on the table. From A Wing & A Prayer Perfumes try Pink Pamplemousse.
One year ago I wrote: “This is now the beginning of a one-year period where special things will happen to you. Think back some 12 years ago. Did something happen that completely changed your life? If back then you had your first lemonade stand, now you may realize that a chain of all-organic grocery stores may be a reasonable idea.” You feel you have clearly grown, and don’t give in to the idea that the direction of where you’re going is not very clear. You are in the crystallization process right now and the outcomes will make you happy by the end of the month. From A Wing & A Prayer Perfumes try Carmel or Napa.
One year ago I wrote: “You may have met the right friend over the past year, and even considered that this friend taught you something that you didn’t know before. The journey continues now towards you starting to understand that the concept of love and total compassion is within your reach. The fifth dimension of unconditional love is smiling at you. You will become the master of your past and turn it into the fuel for the future.” Did you get some “tools” out of that? Do you feel it’s time to turn the page? From A Wing & A Prayer Perfumes try La Isla del Sol.
One year ago I wrote: “It’s time for you to do the unthinkable and put your career on autopilot. Yes, I’m talking about giving up control, or at least making it friendlier, meaning assigning it to your friends and all those you trust. So again: The effort was great; it all looks very promising. Now just expand the social circle which will be benefiting from your ideas.” Even though you may not be happy with the financial rewards, you laid out an important foundation for your future. From A Wing & A Prayer Perfumes try Caliente Perfume.
One year ago I wrote: “No more sitting on the fence for you. If your brain almost exploded from all the amazing information that was infused into it, now it’s time to be more practical about your career. There is nothing really much that you need to do besides believing in the right thing. The fruits will not fall into your lap immediately. They will come by the time you forgot that you’ve been doing this for some kind of a purpose or a reason. You’re an eternal child, what can I tell you.” Overall, your career should feel right on track now. From A Wing & A Prayer Perfumes try SkyDancer.
One year ago I wrote: “Start thinking into different ways and directions. It doesn’t mean you have to break up anything, it just means that you will have to show others what you would like to be recognized for: your resourcefulness and the great wisdom behind it.” You are one smart cookie now, and over the next year you should plan to profit from it From A Wing & A Prayer Perfumes try Dusk or Ginger Spice.
One year ago I wrote: “…now it’s time to put the things together that really matter and build a potential fortune with your partner together. It will not matter if you really make financial gains in the process, but the exhilaration of doing the right thing will be all-consuming.” You should have seen a growth in joint projects and margining resources with your partner. From A Wing & A Prayer Perfumes try Big Sur or Lavender Fields.


One year ago I wrote: “… this year you could decide to take your whole life into a different direction, by possibly doing something that will equal tying the knots. This could also actually extend into some unexpected business opportunities.” Over the past year the focus was on strengthening the close relationships and building new ones. If you are still hesitating, there won’t be a better time to commit than this fall. From A Wing & A Prayer Perfumes try HOLLY wOUD & VINE.



Zoran Cerar - Hieronimuss loves delicate and natural fragrances since his childhood. He is also an incurable astrology addict since 1984.

With his astrological insight, he helped many restless souls with advice related to personal growth, relationships, and career choices. He holds a PhD in German Literature and teaches at a few Colleges in New York. His web site is a portal for sharing astrological experiences and knowledge, and here he offers his astrological readings and reports.



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drugstore classics
drugstore classics

Thank you, ZORAN, for this food for thought.... I believe that when we look at our 'same old' life experiences with new eyes, it helps us to seize opportunities and achieve more our true goals. You help me to see with new eyes! <3


I feel totally on track :) my last year was amazing.


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