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Petal Portraits - Petales: A Multi-Sensory Event

02/26/16 04:22:56 (One comment)

by: Jodi Battershell

The arts of photography, perfumery and dance will come together on March 3 for a multi-sensory event at the Rabbit Hole Studio Gallery in Brooklyn. Petal Portraits will feature new photography by Tal Shpantzer, a solo Butoh dance performance by artist Vangeline called PETAL/RITUAL and a presentation of Euphorium Brooklyn's Pétales fragrance by perfumer Stephen Dirkes.

Shpantzer's "Petal Series"—a long-term photo project featuring women paired with flowers—was the inspiration for the collaboration among the three artists. These distinctive color and black-and-white portraits, which feature women of all ages and ethnicities and blossoms both large and small, are striking in their apparent simplicity and richness of detail, while engaging with and challenging our traditional notions of flowers as symbols.

“My principal interest,” Shpantzer says, “is exploring moments that are undefined on sensory, emotional, and psychological levels. I am fascinated by the dialogue that arises from and intersects with expressions of uncertainty and states of transience. What I see may appear to be the simplest of moments and yet reveal otherwise unknown complexities or evoke imagined histories and hidden truths.”

Euphorium Brooklyn perfumer, Stephen Dirkes says, “I was inspired by Tal Shpantzer’s Petal Portraits and the dark, moody, complex world of light, shadow, context, and communication they evoke. Tal’s photos created a new way for me to regard and approach the idea of a floral fragrance. I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Tal extensively to incorporate her personal background, influence, and scent palette in developing Pétales Eau de Parfum, a complex layering of 50 different perfumery materials." 


Notes: Rose, Lavender, Orchid, Hyacinth, Linden Blossom, Lily, Iris, Orange Blossom, Violet, Orris, Jasmine, Geranium, Palmarosa, Pettigrain sur la Fleurs, Galbanum, Green Stem, Moss, Pink Grapefruit, Fig, Honey, Star Anise, Elemi, Black Pepper, Vetiver, Labdanum, Benzoin, Tolu Balsam, Ambergris, Indole and Tonka Musk


Dirkes will give a perfumer’s talk on Pétales Eau de Parfum, a fragrance that smells of moonlit petals, pink grapefruit, honey, fig, anise, elemi, indole and a musk accord. The fragrance was inspired by the “Petal Series” of portraits by Tal Shpantzer, which informs both the fragrance notes and the conceptual background to the perfume. "For this event, I break down Pétale to its individual notes, accords, and present what went into the making of the scent.”

Vangeline is a dancer and choreographer, and the artistic director of Vangeline Theater Company in New York. A specialist in the Japanese dance form Butoh, Vangeline’s performances have been described as “captivating” by The New York Times.  For this event, Vangeline interprets Shpantzer’s work with video projection. Based on movement and gesture from her piece Ritual, Vangeline explores the imagery and portraiture of the Petal Series.

This event is part of the Dumbo neighborhood's First Thursday series of Art Walks and is one night only.

Petal Portraits
6-10pm, Thursday, March 3, 2016
RabbitHoleStudio Gallery
33 Washington St.
Brooklyn, N.Y.


Read more about Euphorhium Brooklyn and see more of Tal Shpantzer's work in our report on the Euphorium Brooklyn Voluptuary Event and Dirkes' article, A Story in Scent.

Source: Press Release

Jodi Battershell (NebraskaLovesScent or "NLS") is a lifelong Nebraskan who transplanted herself to Philadelphia after a lifetime on the Great Plains. An appreciator of fine fragrances since childhood, she tried her hand at natural perfumery and fragrance-mixing for a number of years, ultimately concluding she was better suited to appreciating the fragrance creations of others. She is pleased to finally be putting her English degree to use as a writer and editor for



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Amazing Article Jodi! All this is so up my alley and happening on my birthday no less!
Really wish I could be there!


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